The Descent into Barbarism, Dishonour, and the Whistleblower

We can be thankful for the Brereton Enquiry. Yes, saddened by the exposure but still holding the SAS Regiment in honour. And yet — once again — dishonour is heaped on the person bringing the dishonour to the light of day.

How is it that the very presence of the adult abortion-survivor in the parliamentary chamber is so offensive that the chamber erupts in fury?

How is it that the uncaptioned ultrasound image of the unborn is so offensive on the university campus that it causes a minor riot and is taken down?

Unborn pain-capable babies are shredded in the second-half of their journey in the safe-house womb and we legitimise this in law as mother’s choice. There is no justice for women without abortion said Vice-Presidential-elect of the USA Kamala Harris.

How is it that just the telling of the story of the herding of the dolphins into a secure cove before their slaughter is so offensive that it must be suppressed?

Truth is suppressed and we close our eyes to the consequences.

We experience a rise in youth suicide and yet we legitimise assisted suicide for the person suffering terminal illness when it is very likely that good palliative care can provide relief. Oh, it is OK, there are some sufferings that legitimise suicide — Oh, if things get too tough, I’ll just kill myself — and it becomes a mantra.

Can we turn around the recent wave of laws — ongoing — in Australia giving approval for euthanasia with all its known consequences to society? Can we turn around the recent wave of laws — ongoing — in Australia giving approval for the shredding of pain-capable unborn babies?

The state governments in question are very likely to be granted another term in office because of their handling of the Covid-19 pandemic in Australia. All logical, evidence-based, objections have been tossed aside by MPs occupied with management of the pandemic.

Autonomy has once again triumphed at the expense of truth and consequences.

Australia is still regarded as the lucky country and we can still be grateful for our strong Christian and “Western” heritage, itself based on Christian values.

Can we reverse the slide? Is it possible? Will it ever be possible to reverse the proliferation of euthanasia and abortion laws? Probably not, so are we doomed?

So, we can at least be thankful for the Brereton Enquiry. Yes, saddened by the exposure but still holding the SAS Regiment in honour. And yet dishonour was heaped on the person who brought the dishonour to the light of day. Thanks are rightly due to our armed forces upholding peace and security, but there is more to be told.

Here, back in the lucky country, consider Jereth Kok, the GP in Victoria who allegedly brought the medical profession into disrepute by his writings in a Christian magazine and on social media mostly to do with abortion. Now into 16 months of suspension of his licence to practice by the Medical Board of Australia — not for being a bad doctor — for what he has said and exposed.

How dare he besmirch the medical profession by telling truth on social media and in a Christian magazine.

Was the Medical Board of Australia itself condemned for its 2018 proposed Code of Conduct? Well, yes it was, by many. Even described as “Orwellian” by the father of general practice in Australia. But no, it was not suspended, and retains its licence to police and suspend others. To its credit it did listen and the 2020 Code no longer has the offending material. But Dr Kok was given no such chance and remains suspended.


Originally published at Choose Life Australia.
Photo by Brian Wangenheim on Unsplash.

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Dr Lachlan Dunjey is a general practitioner (51 years), is married to Liz (55 years) and has four adult children and 10 grandchildren.
Lachlan has been active in the ethical and moral issues facing our nation since being President of Baptist Churches of WA in 1989/90. These include the defence of marriage and family, abortion, euthanasia and freedom of speech and belief.
Lachlan and Liz have worshipped at Morley Baptist Church for 51 years.
Lachlan is founder of
Choose Life Australia, Medicine with Morality, The Belt of Truth, Conscience in Medicine and Doctors for the Family.

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