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Kurt Mahlburg is Canberra Declaration's Features Editor. He also works as a primary school teacher and a freelance writer. He blogs at Cross + Culture and is a regular contributor at the Spectator Australia, MercatorNet, Caldron Pool and The Good Sauce, among other online publications.

He has a particular interest in speaking the truths of Jesus into the public square in a way that makes sense to a secular culture and that gives Christians courage to do the same.

Kurt has also studied architecture, has lived for two years on a remote island in Indonesia, is fluent in several Indonesian languages, and among his other interests are philosophy, history, surf, the outdoors, and travel.
19 10, 2020

Queensland Election: Why is Death Such a Priority for Palaszczuk?

By |2020-10-31T16:01:03+11:00October 19th, 2020|Australia, Children, Euthanasia, Life, World|3 Comments

In the history of Australia, no sitting leader has gone to an election promising to legalise euthanasia as part of their party platform. But this week, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk broke with tradition to campaign on her and Labor’s proud pro-death agenda. At Labor’s official ...read more

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