20 11, 2020

What Are We Defending?

By |2020-11-18T17:20:12+11:00November 20th, 2020|Faith, Family|2 Comments

People regularly refer to "the Judaeo-Christian culture" in conversation; but many of them, when questioned, are unable to say exactly what it is. I think it is important that we have a coherent story if we are going to defend our way of living. I more

7 11, 2020

Grab the Moment

By |2020-11-07T20:31:30+11:00November 7th, 2020|Children, Family|0 Comments

The team at Dads4Kids is so thankful to the three daring dads who featured in the Decorate Dad Challenge video. One of those amazing dads is Ashton Reed. Last Thursday, Ashton and his three beautiful children agreed to be featured in the TV story about more

24 10, 2020

Play Together, Stay Together

By |2020-10-31T12:48:37+11:00October 24th, 2020|Children, Family|0 Comments

The science shows that families who play together stay together, for more reasons than one. Jim Burns, in his article “Families that Play Together Stay Together”, said, “Playing together is an essential trait of happy, healthy families. Certainly, our children need to do their chores, more

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