The Earth is the Lord’s

The earth is the Lord’s, and all its fullness, the world and those who dwell therein.
~ Psalm 24:1

Australia and everyone in her belongs to the Lord. We have been given stewardship and dominion to subdue, and to be fruitful and multiply. Something has gone horribly wrong as we have accepted and legalized the destruction of human life.

Simply said: life begins for every human being at conception; a fetus is actually a human being with cells multiplying — a sign that there is life.

Men and women do have responsibility for their own bodies and in the choice to procreate. However, when conception occurs, the mother and baby are not biologically the one and the same thing. They are separated by the umbilical cord and the placenta, which enables the fetus to have different blood, that is, a different life to the mother’s. To destroy a fetus and remove it from the womb through abortion is an act of murder.

One King

Lift up your heads, O you gates! And be lifted up, you everlasting doors!
And the King of glory shall come in.

Who is this King of glory?
Lord strong and mighty, The Lord mighty in battle.
~ Psalm 24:7-8 NKJV

As we lift up our heads, we are to welcome the King of Glory into this battle, as we fast and pray in August 2019.

In Jesus’ day, the people were oppressed under Roman rule, and were eagerly awaiting deliverance through the long-promised Messiah. Jesus came in their midst, and inaugurated a new way, but the majority didn’t recognise Him. Jesus fulfilled every prophecy, and was obedient even to the cross, which defeated the enemy for once and for all. He went to the Father and sent the empowering Holy Spirit.

The first thing that happened when the promised helper came was that the disciples were all of one accord. They had become the bride of Christ, the Church, the Ekklesia. They soon multiplied, and even today, the church is still multiplying at a phenomenal rate throughout the world, sadly less in the western world.

It was said of the Church:

“These men who have turned the world upside down have come here also, … And they are all ignoring and acting contrary to the decrees of Caesar, [actually] asserting that there is another king, one Jesus!
~ Acts 17:6b-7 AMPC

We are now still asserting there is another King, Our Lord Jesus. It’s time to be an impacting Church, the Ekklesia taking our place to legislate in Heaven and on earth the Kingdom of Heaven. Justice, righteousness include protection for the unborn and the removal of the high places in our cities and land.

Jesus’ Church – Jesus’ Authority in the Earth

We as created beings, no matter how humble or how regal, may have many opinions on abortion and the preborn, but we as citizens of heaven and ambassadors of Christ have the eternal infallible word of God on the subject.

Jesus gave His church His Authority (Luke 10:17-20). If we don’t exercise our authority, then we are allowing the one who kills, steals and destroys to do just that: KILL, STEAL & DESTROY.

It’s time for the Church to walk in the authority of our great King, to destroy the kingdom of darkness that is destroying the future generations of our nation. It is time to stand up in righteous indignation and say NO MORE!

Ekklesia arise – take your position as governing authority in Australia. Legislate from heaven to earth – see the Kingdom of Heaven bring righteous judgement to earth as we intercede.

Year of His Favour and His Vengeance

Jesus stood and read Isaiah 61, which was prophesied over Him and then declared by Him. It is such a powerful redemptive message of hope and restoration. We often think only of the Lord as love — and that is so true, God is Love. However, true love has to be passionate when the subject of that love is being destroyed. Then, we see the side that is passionate to bring justice.

To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord [the year of His favor] and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn.”
~ Isaiah 61:2


Prayer: Thank You Father, that Your favour and the day of Your vengeance are both part of who You are. Thank You that You are moving on behalf of the unborn of our nation to rescue them. Lord, move swiftly, cloaked in Your vengeance, to shift the abortion bills and reverse the curse of abortion from Australia. You are pouring out Your Spirit on all flesh — may this nation open up hearts and minds to receive You in the fullness of Your mercy and grace. Reveal Your heart to all in these days, as we fast and pray. In Jesus’ powerful Name, Amen.

Prayer Points:

  • Lord, activate Your Ekklesia to move the mountain of abortion from our nation.
  • Lord, give Your people powerful swords of Your Word, to cut off all the entanglements of the curse of death and destruction that are a part of abortion, and to wield them in faith.
  • We ask for Your army to arise and follow only our King of Kings, the King of glory into battle — to listen for Your battle strategies, and to obey in the wisdom and grace given for victory.
  • Turn back those who oppose You, Lord; confuse and confound our enemies.

Spend time today listening to the Lord, and Pray what is on His Heart.


Today as we stand together ‘as one’ in prayer and fasting may the Lord:

STOP the proposed Abortion Reform Bill in South Australia – Statutes Amendment (Abortion Law Reform) Bill.

STOP the New South Wales Abortion BillThe Reproductive Healthcare Reform Bill 2019

Push Back and eventually STOP Abortion in every state and territory in Australia!

SHIFT the culture of this Nation to Mercy, Peace, Righteousness and Justice

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About the Author:

Pastor Ann Browne serves in the South Australian Prophetic Council. She is a Prophetic Intercessor and Prayer Leader. In 2019 she released the call for the nation to pray for 55 Days of Mercy. Ann is part of the South Australian Parliamentary Prayer Network, Revival SA, Field of Dreams Church Adelaide leadership and, together with her husband, founder and leader of Barossa House of Prayer.

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