PROLIFE PRAYER DAY 26: Victory Swords

26 August 2019

5.1 MINS

Inquire and Obey

Those of us who have been praying for the nation of Australia for decades, or even the last months, may identify with David in 1 Samuel 30. David and his men returned from battle to find their city had been burned, and all their women and children taken captive.

Then David and the people who were with him lifted their voices and wept until there was no strength in them to weep.’
1 Samuel 30:4

Many in this battle to stop these horrific, demonic abortion bills have wept until they can weep no more!

Strengthen Ourselves in the Lord

Moreover, David was greatly distressed because the people spoke of stoning him, for all the people were embittered, each one because of his sons and his daughters. But David strengthened himself in the Lord his God.’
1 Samuel 30:6 NASB

Even in our commitment to fast and pray to stop abortion, we may encounter others turning on us, or may feel isolated and disempowered. We can and must do as David did: ‘Strengthen ourselves in the Lord.

There are times when even the most faithful ones around us who love us, and love the Lord, cannot bring us the strength we need: only the Lord. We draw near to Him, and in thanksgiving and praise, we are strengthened and encouraged. This must become our default setting; we really need Him.

Overcome and Rescue All

David inquired of the Lord, saying, “Shall I pursue this band? Shall I overtake them?” And He said to him, “Pursue, for you will surely overtake them, and you will surely rescue all.”
~ 1 Samuel 30:8

On this call to prayer, we have been inquiring of the Lord. David knew he needed to hear from the Lord what he should do, even though he was battle-weary and grieving. The Lord was quick to answer, and David was quick to obey. God provided an Egyptian slave who had been left for dead to provide the information they needed to find the raiders and overtake them. One third of those with David were too weary to go with them; they stayed at the Brook Besor. When David and his men returned victoriously, with their families and plunder, some of those with David did not want to share the spoils with the ones who had rested and not gone to battle. David insisted all have an equal share. David had God’s heart of mercy towards the weak.

Swords of Victory

I saw in the Spirit that Jesus is giving us, the Ekklesia in Australia, new weapons! Swords to pursue and recover all — swords of victory! Like David at Ziklag in 1 Samuel 30.

I was given the understanding these swords are a heavenly version of the swords used by the Australian Light horsemen (I believe the Lord is remembering our sacrifice in the battles to recover all for the Jews at Be’er Sheva (Beersheba) after 400 years of captivity). I saw a piece of muslin cloth hanging off the sword; I knew it meant there is still a fragment of orphan spirit on our nation that the Lord is willing to remove. We are to know our true identity as sons and daughters of God. We now repent and receive the spirit of adoption (Romans 8:15).

We are in a time of pursuit and recovery of everything that has been stolen. We are no longer only defending territory, but taking the offensive!

It is a time of advancing the Kingdom of God and recovering all that has been taken from us! Double for our former shame and a taking hold of the multitude of calls and destinies of all the aborted Australians.

These victory swords are His powerful word wielded as we speak, decree and wage war in worship, to take back those who have been taken captive, those taken into prisons of grief and depression. We recover all that has been plundered from our families, future generations, and our godly heritage in governing Australia!

Decree Blessing

We now continue to bless our nation and cities and regions.

“By the blessing of the upright a city is exalted, but by the mouth of the wicked it is torn down.”
~ Proverbs 11:11 (NASB)

May our voices in prayer and in speaking the truth boldly in love, pursue and recover all. The Lord is saying we can recover all — we believe Him!

These swords are not to be used in panic, nor to ‘cut off the ears of our enemies’, but to be the powerful words from God’s heart of compassion and redemption which have the power to recover and restore!

Pursue the Lord in worship, hold out your hands in faith, and receive your victory sword to go into battle! He who is faithful and true is leading us!


Watch: as we speak up for life in our nation

Prayer: Lord, we thank You for Your Word. Thank You for the victory swords You are giving Your people right now to pursue, because You said surely, we will recover all. Lord, give us keys to locate and overtake our enemy, like the Egyptian slave was a key. Lord, give us merciful hearts for those who have grown weary, and will not go on with us. Lord, may the plunder of the victory bring You great glory and the fruit of righteousness in our nation. We love you, Lord, and we use these victory swords in faith and the strength You give us. In the Name of the Lord Jesus, the rider on the white horse, Who is always ‘faithful and true’, Amen.

Prayer Points:

  • Lord, we stand against the ‘culture of death’ in our nation in all its forms. We repent for being asleep as Christians, when You asked us to keep watch and pray.
  • Raise up Christians, Your Ekklesia, to be bold out of their brokenness, to have hearts full of wisdom and tenacity to withstand the fiery trials, and not cave in for any reason, but to find You standing with us in the fire.
  • May our spiritual leaders in Australia continue to stand up and speak boldly, even when their position, personal finance, platform and popularity may all be at stake – Lord, reward the faithful.
  • We ask for every woman in Australia who is faced with the option to abort, to be ushered by Your Holy Spirit to a loving, serving Christian. May this Christian orchestrate a way for them that keeps the sanctity of life and shuts the door to destruction and death. Raise up Your church to love in practical and powerful ways.
  • Lord, defeat the abortion bills in NSW and SA at this time, so radically that it turns the tide in all states and territories. Expose all that is hidden; disempower and eradicate the schemes and snares of ‘the thief’.
  • Lord, increase those in SA to stand and march for ‘Life’ on Saturday’s silent prayer walk. Let the Oneness and Love create and tear down, bringing Your kingdom presence into Adelaide.
    Those in SA: to register, click here; share this link:

Spend time today listening to the Lord, and Pray what is on His Heart.


Today as we stand together ‘as one’ in prayer and fasting may the Lord:

STOP the proposed Abortion Reform Bill in South Australia – Statutes Amendment (Abortion Law Reform) Bill.

STOP the New South Wales Abortion BillThe Reproductive Healthcare Reform Bill 2019

Push Back and eventually STOP Abortion in every state and territory in Australia!

SHIFT the culture of this Nation to Mercy, Peace, Righteousness and Justice

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