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I have launched my book White Australia Has A Black History: William Cooper and First Nations Peoples’ Political Activism. Grab it while it’s free, and write a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads, and share about it on social media.

Why would you want to do this?

  • The book is about William Cooper, a Christian Aboriginal Australian who worked for the “uplift” of his people from about 1880 to 1941.

  • He established a platform for other Aboriginal people, including his famous nephew, Pastor Sir Doug Nicholls, whom he mentored to continue the work for Aboriginal advancement.

  • The book covers Aboriginal social justice initiatives till today, with the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

  • William Cooper was the Father of NAIDOC, which started off as Aboriginal Sunday, and then became Aboriginal Week, and then Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Week.

  • When Aborigines were not citizens in their own land, William Cooper led a group of Aborigines in a walk to the German consulate in Melbourne to protest Kristallnacht, the start of the Holocaust. (This is told in detail in a follow-up book.)

  • It is written by a pastor.

  • This book will help you understand and pray in a more informed way about Indigenous issues.

  • Writing a review helps more people to see the book on Amazon, which has millions of books on it. It only has to be 1-2 sentences, but you need to have spent $50 USD on Amazon in the last year to qualify. Otherwise, you can leave a review on Goodreads.


This book adds to the history of Aboriginal people in Australia, and in particular tells the story of one man, William Cooper, who not only fought for his own people but stood up for the Jewish people, who were being persecuted by Hitler. I recommend this book as important reading for all Australians, to learn about the depth of the struggle for Aboriginal people in Australia, and the collective leadership who were prepared to continue to fight for the rights of Aboriginal people. It documents the legacy of leaders like William Cooper, who hand down the baton to the next generation to continue the struggle.

Pastor Dr Esme Bamblett, 
CEO, Victorian Aborigines Advancement League, Melbourne


This book is more than just the story of one man’s life. It extends to his influence on political and social activism in Australia, taking the story on after his death to the 1967 Referendum that finally accepted that Aborigines are citizens of this nation, to the watershed Mabo High Court decision on indigenous land rights, and the Rudd Apology for the ‘Stolen Generations’. It is a book that includes the author’s own involvement in the struggles and action on behalf of indigenous Australians. Barbara knows her subject and has thoroughly researched the story, including lots of details of who was involved and what was done in many places.
… This is a very significant book that reveals so much that is unknown by most of the nation, and is a real challenge to all of us.

John Blacket
Khesed Indigenous Ministries, Khesed Education and Khesed Productions, Perth

The book is no 1 in the free store on Amazon today in these categories:

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About the Author:

Pastors Barbara Miller and her husband Norman planted a church in Cairns in 1996 and named it Tabernacle of David in 2000. They founded the Centre for International Reconciliation and Peace, a para-church ministry in 1997 as they have a strong focus on reconciliation, justice, prayer and worship and work for transformation in Indigenous communities. They have led a number of prayer events for Australia Day including a key one in Canberra in 2019. After this the Lord led them to set up a spiritual shadow government with prayer leaders covering portfolios.
They hosted Psalm 24:7 conferences in Cairns 2003, Parliament House Canberra 2004, Uluru 2005, Sydney 2006, Bendigo and Melbourne 2007, Cairns 2009 and Parliament House Canberra 2010, 2011 and 2012 and helped launch the Canberra Declaration and the National Day of Prayer and Fasting at these conferences.
Norman is also an Aboriginal artist and Barbara is a psychologist, mediator and trainer.
The Millers teach on Israel and have celebrated the Biblical feasts since 1997. They lead a team of Australians to Israel regularly and have ministered in the Palestinian territories, Turkey, England, Canada, the USA, Zimbabwe, Guatemala, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, NZ, PNG, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands. The Millers were the (2005-2012) leaders of the Bethany Gate and Australia under the Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations and hosted the Bethany Gate & All Pacific Prayer Assembly attended by over 2,000 people in Cairns May 2006. 

Barbara is also the author of 5 books, most of them on Australian history and biography, including one of a 100-year-old Holocaust survivor. Barbara was a finalist in the main prize of the Queensland Literary Awards 2018 for her memoir “White Woman Black Heart: Journey Home to Old Mapoon, a Memoir.”

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