Jane Fonda, Marxism and Global Warming

Jane Fonda has a new shtick – getting arrested at a DC Climate Change protest. Unlike the climate, Fonda never changes.

If it’s anti-American, the pain-in-the-actress is for it. From the communist conquest of Vietnam to “economic democracy” to the drive against nuclear power, to the war on the war on terrorism to population control and abortion to global warming – Greenhouse Gas Jane (Gassy Jane, for short) has always been in the vanguard of the latest drive to destroy America.

Here’s the drill: Jane gets arrested at one of the weekly Capitol Hill protests, spends a night in jail (where “my 82-year-old bones hurt” – aw!), then does the media circus. She told The View, “We have 11 years to avoid catastrophe.” Apocalypse is always now. In 2000, Al Gore predicted the polar ice caps would be the size of ice cubes by 2014.

Try not to laugh. Fonda says she’s been a climate scientist for decades. Science is her forte. Back in the ‘60s, she told an interviewer that we were in Vietnam to get their “tung and tingsten.” Vietnam has tin and tungsten.

Now, she’s pushing the Green New Deal (“fantastic”) which, she says, “lays out a framework for how to move forward to a wonderful future” – the future Fonda has always envisioned for America.

Jane was bitten by French communists in the ’60s, when she was living in Paris as the wife of director Roger Vadim. Once infected, she launched her radical career with the anti-Vietnam movement.

Not content to march in the streets and chant rhyming slogans, the ideological pilgrim visited North Vietnam in July/August 1972, posed with a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun, called Americans fighting there war criminals, made propaganda broadcasts for the communists, said the villains in Southeast Asia were “U.S imperialism” and “a white man’s racist aggression,” and claimed prisoners of war were treated well. When returning POWs told of torture, she called them liars. After the war, she refused to sign folk singer Joan Baez’s ad protesting the imprisonment of up to 100,000 South Vietnamese. She didn’t “criticize revolutionary regimes,” Fonda sniffed.

In the same era, Commissar Celebrity did a college tour where she told campus audiences, “If you understood what communism was, you would hope, you would pray on your knees that we would one day become communist.” When the victims of communism (over 100 million in the 20th. century) were on their knees, it was usually to get a bullet in the back of the head.

She also supported Huey Newton, Angela Davis, the Black Panthers and the PLO. After her agitprop tour de force – the 1979 film “The China Syndrome” – Jane and then-husband Tom Hayden went on a 52-city tour to end nuclear power (the cleanest way to generate power).

She also joined the SDS founder in his Campaign for Economic Democracy in California – pushing punitive taxes, rent control and anti-business measures – the usual rot. You might say Fonda was AOC before there was an AOC.

Since then, it’s been a nonstop ride on a Marxist merry-go-round, including her crusade for “universal access to family planning…backed up with safe abortion,” when she was married to movie mogul Ted Turner.

Significantly, the recipient of Planned Parenthood’s 2003 Margaret Sanger Award tied population control to global warming. “Our species alone co-opts, consumes or eliminates 40% of the Earth’s energy,” the climatologist confided. Then again, kangaroos don’t build factories and dolphins drive hybrid cars.

The Global Warming con job is as much a product of the hard left as the whacky left. While St. Greta of Thunberg was throwing a hissy fit at the UN (“How dare you!”), a gaggle of groups funded by George Soros organized the current protests, known as the Global Climate Strike.

Of those groups called the North American Partners of the Strike, 22 received almost $23 million from Soros. This is pocket change compared to the $1 billion the Marxist sugar daddy gives to leftist causes each year, but a significant part of their resources.

The Hungarian financier is on a mission. Soros is inextricably drawn to anything which will weaken and ultimately destroy the West – abortion, depopulation, anti-family initiatives and deindustrialization.

A 2018 article on the website of the Communist Party USA (“Marxism, millennials and climate change”) explains that the war on energy production is very much a communist cause.

Even before Jane Fonda, Ph.D. became a climate scientist, there was Karl Marx. The CPUSA posting quotes the man who spawned a movement that’s been swimming in blood for over a century who observed that, “Labor is not the source of all wealth.” Nature is just as much of a factor.

According to the article, “Capitalism exploits workers and nature.” The author asks: “Who will be the first to suffer the impacts of climate change? You guessed it – workers. What’s the solution? It will take a socialist revolution in the long run. It’s liberating.”

Too bad the Venezuelans can’t appreciate how oppressed they are by CO2 emissions. They’re too busy starving to death at the hands of the Marxist regime in power.

Sanders, Warren, Ocasio-Cortez, Fonda and the rest agree with the CPUSA – global warming is a capitalist conspiracy. It’s wicked oil companies and wretched Republicans who are destroying the earth to amass more wealth. The new slogan of the CPUSA is “People and Nature Before Profits.”

All of them positively swoon at the prospect of the Green New Deal. Some Europeans say the Green Movement is like a watermelon – a green exterior camouflaging a red core.

Designed by a cranky septuagenarian who spent almost his entire adult life in government and a 30-year-old whose last job was bartending, the Green New Deal is the perfect vehicle for turning America into a Third World compost heap – all at a modest cost of $51.1 trillion to $92.9 trillion between 2020 and 2029.

This won’t be paid by higher taxes, but added to the $22-trillion national debt. When the house of cards gets high enough it will collapse and the U.S. economy will make the Great Depression look like Green Acres.

It will be the culmination of Fonda’s 50-year war on America. We’ll be on our knees all right, asking why we didn’t wake up and smell the BS sooner.

We now have less than 12 months to avoid catastrophe.


Photo: Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post

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