39 Days of Mercy: Day 18 – Truth Cannot be Refuted

Listen to Jesus

“Then at dawn Jesus appeared in the temple courts again, and soon all the people gathered around to listen to His words, so He sat down and taught them.”
~ John 8:2

“… Then in the middle of His teaching, the religious scholars and the Pharisees broke through the crowd and brought a woman who had been caught in the act of committing adultery and made her stand in the middle of everyone.”
~ John 8:3

They were there hoping to trap Jesus with His own words and accuse him of breaking the law of Moses, and then be able to stone him to death. They dragged a woman (but not the man caught with her), shaming her with the intention of putting her to death.

Silence Speaks Loudly, and Wisdom speaks up at the right time with the right words.

“But Jesus didn’t answer them. Instead, He simply bent down and wrote in the dust with His finger.  Angry, they kept insisting that He answer their question, so Jesus stood up and looked at them and said, “Let’s have the man who has never had a sinful desire throw the first stone at her.” And then He bent over again and wrote some more words in the dust.”
~ John 8:6-8

Upon hearing that, her accusers slowly left the crowd one at a time, beginning with the oldest to the youngest, with a convicted conscience. Until finally, Jesus was left alone with the woman still standing there in front of Him. So He stood back up and said to her, “Dear woman, where are your accusers? Is there no one here to condemn you?”
Looking around, she replied, “I see no one, Lord.” Jesus said, “Then I certainly don’t condemn you either.  Go, and from now on, be free from a life of sin.”
~ John 8:9-11 TPT

Jesus, the Light of the World causes immediate offence to some

As we read this account of Jesus handling an angry group of leaders that were out to trap and destroy Him, we discover Jesus addresses the whole issue without argument or responding angrily.

He seemingly ignores their accusation and questioning at first, and then stood up and looked at them and used truth to challenge their hypocrisy. They cannot refute truth and all the woman’s accusers left her.

Jesus releases her to be free to live her life without sin. He is not condoning or agreeing with her behaviour, but also does not condemn or shame her like the others. Jesus goes on teaching, and immediately the Pharisees are offended by what He says.

Jesus again speaks truth that seems so out of their understanding and remains confident in His identity, His calling and His destination; He was able to stand firm and discern truth, and said He and His Father have the same understanding in all things.

Prayer: Our heavenly Father, there has never been a more crucial time for Your people in Australia to have such confidence in our identity in You, and for the calling on our lives to stand up and discern truth in every situation we face. Lord Jesus, You went to the Father to send the spirit of Truth to be with us. Holy Spirit, give each one of Your people clear understanding of the things we need to know. Help us to bring truth into the abortion debates and meetings with others. Like You Lord, help us to discern the traps of the enemy and not speak into them. We ask for Your grace to trust in You with all our hearts and lean not on our own understanding. Convict those who want to shame others and judge — give them a knowledge of their own need for forgiveness and mercy. Lord, grant a spirit of wisdom and understanding to Your people, that they be the solution and carriers of truth that sets others free. Let us be slow to speak and slow to anger — sometimes by saying very little, because its Your powerful presence we carry; thank You, Lord.

Prayer for the elected Members of Parliament:
We pray today for Hon Zoe Lee Bettison, member for the electorate of Ramsay for the Labor Party. We bless Zoe and declare that she would be true to the meaning of her name (zoe meaning life in Greek) Lord, give Zoe courage to uphold the sanctity of every life and vote against abortion to birth.
Father, we also pray for Mr Blair Ingram Boyer, member for the electorate of Wright for the Labor Party. Thank You for Blair’s concern for the vulnerable people in our society; we ask that You reveal to him the truth of who the most vulnerable are in our state, the unborn children. May his heart for justice move him to act in defence of women and unborn children.
In Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.



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Prayer Points:

  • Pray for women who have had abortions, to not remain in condemnation and shame, but be released to live a life with the freedom only the cross of Jesus can bring.
  • The SA Parliament to raise a majority to defeat the bill and turn the tide of full-term abortion.
  • That those ‘reforming’ the Abortion Bill in SA come under conviction of the gravity of these actions.
  • That the Ekklesia rise in prayer and unity to represent Christ in triumph over this darkness
  • That we come under the spirit of understanding that Jesus had as He walked on earth according to Isaiah 11:2, and have the mind of Christ in every situation (1 Corinthians 2:16).
  • Lord, increase awareness and zeal for Your Church in SA to stand and ‘Walk for Life’ on Saturday 8th February, and as we pray and walk, let the Oneness and Love create and tear down, bringing Your kingdom presence into Adelaide and all of SA.

Spend time today listening to the Lord, and pray what is on His Heart.

His mercy endures forever!

Today we stand together as one in prayer and fasting for grace to:

  • STOP the Greens Abortion Reform Bill from being passed in South Australia’s Parliament.
  • Bring radical amendments to the existing Abortion Law in favour of life for the unborn and safeguards for mothers.
  • Push Back and eventually STOP Abortion in every state and territory in Australia.
  • SHIFT the culture of this Nation to the Kingdom of Heaven with Mercy, Peace, Righteousness and Justice on earth as it is in Heaven.

Walk for Life
Saturday 8th February 2020, 9.30 – 11.30 a.m., Victoria Square.

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About the Author:

Pastor Ann Browne serves in the South Australian Prophetic Council. She is a Prophetic Intercessor and Prayer Leader. In 2019 she released the call for the nation to pray for 55 Days of Mercy. Ann is part of the South Australian Parliamentary Prayer Network, Revival SA, Field of Dreams Church Adelaide leadership and, together with her husband, founder and leader of Barossa House of Prayer.

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  1. Sharon Stay January 18, 2020 at 9:45 pm - Reply

    Amen! I received the same message today. Also Jeremiah 7 and Jeremiah 15 “I will make you a wall to these people, a fortified wall of bronze. They will fight against you but will not overcome you, for I am with you to rescue you and save you declares the LORD. I will save you from the hands fo the wicked and redeem you from the grasp of the cruel.” We don’t get to ‘do whatever’ in His name. We obey what the LORD says we should do. Keeping in step with His Holy Spirit. Bless you. S

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