Sugar-coated Poison

The left’s most successful language-manipulation is designating its minions “progressives.” It’s another lethal cliché – another mask to hide the hideous reality within.

Naturally, the media is on-board. Even FOX calls the Jacobin wing of the Democrats – Commissar Warren and Company — progressives. If they’re “progressive,” conservatives must be regressive.

Mariam-Webster defines progress as a transitive verb meaning “to move forward” and “to develop to a higher, better, or more advanced stage.”

The founding of America was progress – moving toward popular sovereignty and the protection of human rights. The industrial revolution was progress – moving toward a society where machines replaced muscle-power and most of society enjoys the material abundance we have today.

Creatures like Warren, Sanders, AOC and Buttigieg – really, all of the candidates for the nomination of the Party of Plunder — want to drag us back to an ant-hill society. Nationalizing health care, so bureaucrats decide who gets treatment and who doesn’t – that’s progress? Forcing a janitor to pay off the loans of a college grad, whose earning will exceed his tenfold – that’s progress?

The left’s progress leads to double-digit unemployment, tax-slavery, bread lines, fuel shortages — Venezuela.

The way the left uses the word progressive is poison with a sugar-coating.

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Since leaving the Boston Herald in 2002, Feder has served as a communications consultant, writer and conference organiser for various pro-life and pro-family NGOs.

Feder worked with the World Congress of Families from 2006 to May 2018, first as Communications Director, and later as Coalitions Director and Coordinator of Regional Conferences. He was the editor of World Congress of Families News and the organisation’s Leadership Memos. He spoke at WCF II (Geneva) WCF III (Mexico City), WCF IV (Warsaw), WCF V (Amsterdam), WCF VI (Madrid), WCF IX (Salt Lake City), WCF X (Tbilisi) and WCF XI (Budapest).

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Feder is a graduate of the Boston University College of Liberal Arts (BA in political science) and the Boston University Law School (JD). He passed the bar in New York and Massachusetts and practiced law in upstate New York (1973-1976).

Prior to writing for the Boston Herald, he was Executive Director of Massachusetts Citizens for Limited Taxation (1976-1979) and the Second Amendment Foundation (1979-1982).

He is married to Andrea (formerly Mills), is the father of four children and grandfather of three. He was born sometime in the last century.

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