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14 April 2020

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Last week we heard from many of you about GO 2020 — a global initiative to mobilise 100 million Christians to reach 1 billion people for Christ in the month of May.

We asked if the Canberra Declaration should sign on, and your answer was a resounding yes. 96% of you said that our community should be part of this initiative. A sizeable number of you even said, “Why wait til May?”

As a result of this, the Canberra Declaration is officially joining the GO 2020 movement. We are encouraging all of our members — that’s you! — to pray for and reach out to five people with the Gospel during the month of May.


There are countless ways we can do this. Last Wednesday we held the Canberra Declaration Consultation, an hour-long Zoom call to discuss GO 2020. We were inspired by all those who shared their brilliant ideas for evangelism.


As a result of that consultation, we have compiled a printable resource below to guide you in your efforts during the month of May. You might choose just one of these as a way to reach out to five people. You could select five different options.

If you have children or grandchildren, you might like to cut these cards up and play lucky dip. You could even be ambitious and try to cross off the entire list. How you use this resource is up to you, but we trust that it will be inspiring and helpful on the journey.

[click here for pdf version]

There is still so much we don’t know about the coronavirus. The numbers—and even the rules—seem to be changing every day. But we do know that the hearts of many are open wide right now. And we know that Jesus is the answer that people are looking for.

Who knows how God will use us at this time? It is so often the case that a small act of love that doesn’t require much from us can mean the world to someone else.

You might have heard the story of Lee McClelland from Belfast. He was in isolation because of COVID-19 and was unsure if he would pull through. At his lowest point, when no friend or family was allowed to see him, God sent a cleaner.


The words and actions of that cleaner cost him almost nothing, but it meant the world to Lee. His testimony has now been seen over 35 million times.

What if your words and actions during the month of May make a similar difference in the lives of others? You may never know just how profoundly God will use you as you step out to share the love of Jesus.

[Photo by Ben White on Unsplash]

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