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Doctors have advised that via telemedicine, the woman cannot be examined physically and may not undergo mandatory pelvic ultrasound and other important tests requiring examination and blood tests.

The push to legalize telemedicine as an emergency under the guise of COVID-19 is very serious and it could be announced any day.

There is now NO Government due process, Police Commissioner Grant Stevens ALONE on the advise of Chief Public Health Officer Associate Professor Nicola Spurrier has the power to make this decision.

This extraordinary power was not given to unelected public servants even in World War 2.


What else you can do to help:

PHONE your local MP and share your concern for women’s health. Choose one or two of the statements below to explain your reasons for concern.


Further information as to why the MEDICAL ABORTION PILL – RU486/MS 2STEP is so dangerous to women’s health:

The TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration)’s official position with regard to the clinical and safety information of mifepristone + misoprostol (MS-2 Step) is detailed in the current approved Product Information (PI) for MS-2 Step —

until follow-up has taken placethe woman remains close to a facility where she can be treated at any moment in case of severe or prolonged bleeding.

  • The risk is too high and counterproductive: 2016 stats for SA Pregnancy Outcomes showed that medical abortion accounted for 82% of all abortion complications. 86% of these required a subsequent medical procedure, hence taking up vitally-needed medical facilities and healthcare workers away from COVID-19 treatment.
  • The two most common complications that can become life-threatening are failing to remove the unborn child’s residual body parts with the possibility of sepsis, and hemorrhaging.
  • Currently there is NO age restriction and NO parental consent to obtaining an abortion. Parents have to consent to children at high school being provided Panadol, yet this would allow them to be sent without their parents’ knowledge of these high risk abortion pills.
  • Without an ultrasound, how can the pregnancy accurately be dated and confirmed it is not an ectopic pregnancy? Life-threatening complications can occur in either scenario, and can ONLY be diagnosed professionally via ultrasound.
  • This is NOT emergency healthcare — there is no risk to health that would require utilising much-needed medical equipment and facilities for the virus TO SAVE LIVES.
  • This is a PSYCHOSOCIAL issue, that requires SUPPORT for the woman, not emergency medical intervention at this time of national health crisis.
  • If domestic violence is suspected, then other intervention is required and PREGNANCY SUPPORT should be provided for the woman.
  • This is a global pandemic with thousands of lives at risk, and no other actual ‘real’ health issues are being given this kind of exceptional consideration, many of which could also be the result of domestic violence.
  • What about the domestic violence of forcing the woman to get onto the computer and order abortion pills to terminate a pregnancy that she actually wants, but he doesn’t. She is defenceless at home alone with this person. How can coercion be identified and stopped?

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About the Author:

Pastor Ann Browne serves in the South Australian Prophetic Council. She is a Prophetic Intercessor and Prayer Leader. In 2019 she released the call for the nation to pray for 55 Days of Mercy. Ann is part of the South Australian Parliamentary Prayer Network, Revival SA, Field of Dreams Church Adelaide leadership and, together with her husband, founder and leader of Barossa House of Prayer.


  1. Sharon Stay April 16, 2020 at 7:45 pm - Reply

    It is not the telemedicine that is the problem. It is the prescription of the pharmaceutical. I oppose the pharmaceuticals RU486 and MS 2STEP . I think that is a better approach. Oppose the pharmaceuticals. They are called sorcery in the Bible. Oppose the sorcery in the Name of Jesus Christ and take the higher ground.

  2. Zeljko Torbica April 16, 2020 at 10:26 pm - Reply

    Nobody has a right to kill baby, regardless how many weeks or months baby is old.

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