Supporting the ‘Natural Family’ during Families Week

National Families Week, which is held every year between 15 and 21 May, aims to celebrate the vital role that families play in Australian society.

This is all commendable except that the ‘natural family’, as defined by natural law, is often overlooked. Any talk of ‘family’ needs to focus on marriage being the fundamental connection between a mother, a father, and their children. Marriage ensures that kids grow up with their own biological mum and dad.

FamilyVoice has, since its inception, defended the traditional natural family, and further, we believe that traditional natural marriage is essential for the family in society to flourish. Marriage is a relationship rooted in human nature and governed by Natural Law.

The survival of the family is essential for the welfare of the young and the cohesion of society. Without marriage, nothing works. It is the key to stability, peace, wealth, and progress. We tamper with it at our great peril. The welfare state’s shattering of marriage-based families in the inner cities and the chaos that follows is perhaps the most glaring evidence of marriage’s importance.

“Marriage-based family life is the organising principle behind all civilised cultures. No other relationship transforms young men and women into more productive, less selfish, and more mature people as husbands and wives, and fathers and mothers. No other relationship affords children the best economic, emotional, and psychological environment,” said Greg Bondar, NSW State Director for FamilyVoice.

At the core of marriage are the manifold and complementary differences between the sexes – between masculinity and femininity. One of the most unfortunate modern myths is that relationships work if each spouse meets the other halfway. But they work best when husbands and wives each give 100 percent, not totalling up a relative exchange while “looking out for No. 1.”

During Family Week we all need to remember the simple message that marriage is a vital public and social institution, and the continued redefining of it has far-reaching consequences.

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About the Author:

Greg Bondar, MBA (UNE), BEc (USYD), serves as the NSW State Director of FamilyVoice Australia. Greg was formerly the Federal and NSW State Director for the Christian Democratic Party of Australia (Fred Nile Group) where he oversaw the 2016 federal elections and various by-elections. He was also a Senior Adviser to the Minister for Transport and Regional Development in the first term of the Howard Government.

Greg worships at St Mark's Anglican Church in the southern suburb of Sydney. As part of his ministry work, Greg has headed up Men’s, Hospitality, and various Retreat ministries. He is on the Steering Committee of Men Meeting the Challenge at Men for Christ Ministries. He is also a Lay Preacher and has been a Parish Council member and a representative on the Sydney Anglican Diocese Synod.

Greg is also involved in Million Christian Men Ministries, which focusses on resources for Christian Men. Greg is an Accredited Chaplain with Chaplaincy Australia and Sports Chaplaincy Australia and completed numerous courses at Moore Theological College. He holds an MBA (Master of Business Administration) from the University of New England, Armidale.

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