President of Tanzania Hilariously Punks World Health Organization

Editor’s Note: The American Liberty Report relates a clever ruse of Tanzania’s president, uncovering the laughable (and shocking) unreliability of the World Health Organization.


It’s always fun to see a villainous organization exposed with their pants down, so that all of us who were skeptical of said villains from the beginning can feel vindicated. And boy am I feeling vindicated about the World Health Organization (WHO) today!

The WHO has been under fire for weeks because of its disastrous mishandling of our current public health emergency. And the high-level prank that the President of Tanzania just pulled on the WHO should put a smile on your face.

President John Magufuli is a pretty sharp cookie. He has masters and doctorate degrees in chemistry. And when the World Health Organization asked his country to send in randomized samples to determine how widespread the Chinese coronavirus is in Tanzania, President Magufuli smelled a rat. Like many world leaders, Magufuli is skeptical of the WHO because it lied and covered up for China in the early days of the Wuhan virus.

If you remember back to January, the WHO was telling the world that the mysterious new SARS-like pneumonia cases that were popping up in Wuhan were no big deal. There was “no evidence” of human-to-human transmission. The virus was no big whoop and you would definitely have to be a racist if you thought that daily flights from Wuhan to other parts of the world should be shut down.

The WHO praised Communist China for its efforts in combatting the virus when it was later learned that, oh, by the way, it can be transmitted from person-to-person and it is highly contagious. China’s “amazing” response to the virus was to weld the doors of coronavirus patients’ apartments shut and leave them inside to starve to death. The WHO said this was a good thing.

In other words, the WHO has covered itself in glory throughout this crisis and we continue to revere it as an important health organization that protects us all or something.

Anyway, President Magufuli of Tanzania sent “samples” to the WHO for coronavirus testing. He made up names, genders and ages for the “patients” who were tested, but actually sent the WHO samples from goats, sheep, African Pawpaw fruits, Jackfruit, rabbits, trees, some motor oil and an African pheasant known as a Kware. None of the samples that Tanzania sent to the WHO were blood samples from human beings.

Here are the results that the WHO sent back to Tanzania after testing them for coronavirus:

  • Sheep: Negative
  • Goats: Positive
  • Jackfruit: Inconclusive
  • Pennzoil 5-W30: Negative
  • Pawpaw fruit: Positive
  • Kware pheasant: Positive
  • Bunny Rabbit: Inconclusive

President Magufuli announced the results and declared that if he were to follow the WHO’s guidelines for coronavirus, he would have to put all the Pawpaw fruits, goats and Kware pheasants in Tanzania in isolation. Great news for the sheep and motor oil, though!

You don’t have to be a chemist to appreciate the humor in all of this. The World Health Organization is a complete and total fraud. The big mystery is why the WHO has been carrying water for China and lying on their behalf throughout this crisis. China is not the WHO’s main financial benefactor. The United States is.

And yet the WHO was first out of the gates back in January to declare that President Donald Trump was a “racist” for blocking incoming flights from China. The WHO fumbled around until March 12 before it even declared the Chinese virus to be a global pandemic. It had already killed 1,000 people in Europe by that point, while America had 1,300 cases and 38 deaths. The WHO’s official guidance to protect yourself from the virus at that point was to frequently wash your hands and make sure to stay 3 feet away from a person if you notice that they’re sneezing.

Just as a reminder, that was the original “social distancing” guideline that the WHO told everyone to follow: If someone is sneezing, stay at least 3 feet away from them. Great job, guys!

The World Health Organization is a sham and a joke. President Magafuli of Tanzania punked the world’s top team of “health experts” and exposed them as frauds and charlatans. They can’t even tell motor oil from a human blood sample. If America never sends another dime to the WHO, will we be any worse off? I don’t think so. And the hilarious president of Tanzania agrees.

[Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko on Unsplash]

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