This Sunday: Pray for an End to the Pandemic

By now you would be aware of the resurgence of COVID-19 cases along with further border closures as the pandemic continues. Today in Victoria, 723 new cases were announced. As God’s people, we long to see an end to this crisis along with the fear that it has inspired.

That’s why we will join the National Day of Prayer and Fasting (NDOPF) for a special National Day of Worship, Prayer and Fasting for an end the COVID pandemic this Sunday 2nd August. For more details, visit the NDOPF event page here.


NDOPF is a sister ministry of the Canberra Declaration, and the two ministries have joined together on many occasions for prayer—including during last year’s election when Scott Morrison was miraculously re-elected.

The call to pray for this Sunday was originally put out by the National Council of Churches Australia. In other words, this will be a truly national event, with many denominations and ministries taking part. That’s why we’re inviting you to be a part of it.

We will be meeting on Zoom from 3pm to 9pm (AEST) this Sunday 2nd August. Ps Margaret Court will be joining us on this call, along with Bishop Philip Huggins from the NCCA, and many other Christian leaders. The details of the call are as follows:

DATE: Sunday 2nd August 2020
TIME: 3pm-9pm (AEST)

ZOOM MEETING ID: 776881184
ZOOM TUTORIAL: [click here]

As the world records over 17 million cases, we believe that prayer is the only right response to the situation. There is no doubt that God is shaking the nations this year, and this comes from His desire for the nations, including Australia, to return to Him.

On Sunday we will be committing ourselves to:

  1. Worship the Lord and pray for our nation, that we will come back to God in a true spirit of repentance.
  2. Pray for Australia, and particularly Victoria, for an end to the pandemic.
  3. Pray for America, Brazil, India and the rest of the world, with now over 17 Million COVID-19 cases recorded worldwide.

Whether you can make all or part of the prayer call, or decide to worship, pray or fast in your own way this Sunday, we look forward to your participation. Unity commands a blessing, and when God’s people unite in worship, prayer and fasting, we see powerful results. Please let your friends know about this prayer call too!

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