It’s Time to Unite in Prayer

20 October 2020

3.2 MINS

Termination of Pregnancy Bill 2020 has been introduced into the Upper House of SA Parliament

The bill had its second reading in parliament on Wednesday 14 October by Liberal MP Michelle Lensink. Voted for by the Marshall Liberal Government, the Attorney General has stipulated that it will be debated in “government”, not “private member’s” time in parliament. A bill up for discussion in government time is debated until it is resolved by a final vote, even if it continues to the early hours of the morning. After the second reading yesterday, the bill has been adjourned till 28 October.

Our Lord and King, Command Victories for the Unborn!

“For by their own sword they did not possess the land,
and their own arm did not save them,
But Your right hand and Your arm and the light of Your presence,
For You favored them. You are my King, O God;
Command victories for Jacob.”
Psalm 44:3

There has never been a more important time in recent history to pray than right now! We must keep watch and pray. It’s time to go boldly before the Throne of Grace, and ask for mercy and grace to help the unborn in South Australia. May the Lord’s right arm and the light of His presence defeat the Termination of Pregnancy Bill 2020 that is now before the South Australian Parliament. May we seek the Lord to move His right hand to save the unborn.

Regardless of our various roles and responsibilities, every believer is called to have influence and impact in that place. We now call the Church corporately to “rise up” and “be the Church,” and use what the Lord has given us to make a difference! Write a letter, make a phone call, become educated and confidently with the grace given, speak to everyone you meet. Worship, Praise and Pray — move Heaven on behalf of the unbornfor that enemy of yours, the devil, roams around like a lion roaring [in fierce hunger], seeking someone to seize upon and devour.” (1 Peter 5:8b)

Let’s Pray:

  • Father, we ask You reveal any pride, any rebellion towards leaders, any alignment with religious spirits, any judgmental attitudes towards others and idolatry in us Your Royal Priesthood. (Pause and search our hearts, confessing our sin of doubt, unbelief, fear of man, unforgiveness etc.) We now repent and ask for mercy and grace to help.
  • We thank, praise and worship You, Lord Jesus Christ, that it was Your shed blood and death on the cross that has paid for all our sins, washing each one of us completely clean. Thank You that because we have confessed our sin and repented, we are now clothed in Your righteousness, whiter than snow and can stand and pray boldly at Your Throne of Grace.
  • Lord, we ask for You to move swiftly on behalf of the unborn in our land and those yet to come, for a complete and utter defeat of the Termination of Pregnancy Bill 2020.
  • May Wisdom and the Fear of the Lord be upon those in positions of authority who have been placed right now and given the responsibility to govern with righteousness and justice for the people of South Australia, which also includes those in the womb.
  • Lord, Your Word says “You resist the proud but give grace to the humble.” (1 Peter 5:5) We ask that You lift up and strengthen those who are standing for life of the unborn and are facing fierce opposition from those who are deceived. We thank You for their righteous courage and tenacity. We thank You that they are Your Voice in the Parliament and that the words they speak become like Your double-edged swords to pierce through the lies and social narrative that aligns with death and the destruction of human life.
  • Lord, move on the hearts of the politicians who are undecided. Cause them to hear Your voice and give them courage to be among those who will only act in the best interest of the community in accordance with Your Righteousness and Justice.
  • Lord, thwart the plans and confuse the enemy — destroy the structures built by people who have been deceived into thinking good is evil and evil is good. Raise up a standard against the tide of injustice!
  • Lord, we ask for Your strategy, a new and living way for women and couples who find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy. We pray for divine Blueprints to be given and the plans of the enemy to be destroyed. We ask that Your Church be fully awake to look around to put to good use the ‘talents’ You have given, and do what You Jesus did on the earth. May Your Church arise and dispel the darkness and fulfil Isaiah 61 in these days.
  • We invite You, Holy Spirit, to visit those who are deceived by the enemy, that they would know the truth, and that truth bring them to repentance and freedom.
  • Lord, we ask that You change the hearts and minds of those presenting and coming into agreement with the South Australian Termination of Pregnancy Bill 2020.
[Photo by Arteida MjESHTRI on Unsplash]

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