US Election Voter Fraud — Pray for the Truth to be Revealed

I and the team at the Canberra Declaration are extremely suspicious of massive and organised voter fraud in the recent USA election. We are all hard-nosed independent thinkers, all very curious and highly skeptical of the mainstream media.

The evidence for organised voter fraud is overwhelming, but yet to be proven in court. All we are asking is that you pray with us that the truth will be revealed.

Watch this recent interview with John Robb about praying for the USA elections, the issue of voter fraud, and how to pray for America at this time.


Generally speaking, both sides of politics have engaged in voter fraud, but for the left both in Australia and the USA, voter fraud is endemic. They have made it an art form. The allowance and encouragement of mail-in votes in the USA was a disaster for fair and true elections in the USA!

The scripture says, “All have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God.” That includes yours truly. Yet the scripture calls us to live pure and true lives, and to always be ready to embrace the truth.

The USA election has not been called, and neither Biden or Trump can claim victory despite what you hear from mainstream media. Due process must be observed. Only the electoral college or the Congress can appoint a President. The USA Constitution is very clear. The team at the Canberra Declaration have called for Prayer & Fasting for the USA at this time.

Voter fraud is a lot worse in the USA than Australia, because the system is run by individual states and there is a clear lack of proper checks and balances. Australia has a much more independent system with more checks and balances, but reform is still needed.

The scripture says: out of the mouth of two or three witnesses. Here are several very credible leaders/videos/info sites below with great concern about the USA  election result. Make up your own mind.

Check out these videos and news stories:

  1. USA Voter Fraud Explained:
  2. Victor Hanson Davis interviewed by John Anderson:
  3. John Robb sent this video to me. It is well worth the watch.
    “The Coup to Steal the Election, Overthrow Trump and Take America Down.”

  4. Can Trump get Supreme Court to Intervene?
  5. Why Trump Will TRIUMPH in PA and WIN the ELECTION!!!
  6. Eric Metaxas Has More Thoughts On How the Election Will Play Out and What We All Can Do:
  7. Dick Morris Suggests a “Path Forward” for President Trump & Shares a Recent Candid Talk With Trump:
  8. Charlie Kirk Drives Home Several Thoughts About What’s Down The Road:
  9. Don’t be Intimidated video by Lance Wallnau:
  10. USA Voter Fraud 2016 Analysis. Electoral integrity in all 50 US states, ranked by experts: Five of the states that are accused of voter fraud lie in the bottom quartile of the integrity list.
  11. Recent USA Voter Fraud Compendium.
  12. Australian Voter Fraud.
  13. Australian Voter Fraud (Alasdair Webster is a very good Christian man — don’t believe the lies of the media.)
  14. Patrick Bashan’s article is thought-provoking.
  15. Every Legal Vote — a very helpful site.

If nothing else, the above articles and videos are worthy of your consideration at this important time in world history. We encourage you to pray that the truth will come to the surface and that justice will be done.

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About the Author:

Warwick Marsh has been married to Alison Marsh since 1975 and they have five children and eight grandchildren; he and his wife live in Wollongong in NSW, Australia. He is a family & faith advocate, social reformer, musician, TV producer, writer and public speaker. Warwick is a leader in the Men’s and Family Movement, and he is well known in Australia for his advocacy for children, marriage, manhood, family, fatherhood and faith. Warwick is passionate to encourage men to be great fathers and to know the greatest Father of all, the Father in whom “there is no shadow of turning.” He also blogs at Just a Man.


  1. geoffhinds November 12, 2020 at 3:41 pm - Reply

    Donald Trump is not God and God is not Donald Trump -p[ I reject your extremisms

    • Lenka Pesch November 12, 2020 at 9:01 pm - Reply

      Nothing in this report is suggesting Trump to be God. What extremism are you talking about? Surely it’s only right to get the truth out into the open? If there is fraud in voting, it needs to be exposed. Trump is not God, but he bows down to God. He respects life and puts policies in place accordingly. Financially Trump would be better of without politics. He is fearless in exposing fraud, which he can only be commended on. May truth prevail.

  2. Leonard Carroll December 7, 2020 at 5:25 am - Reply

    We all need to stop getting anxious about all this, including yours truly. The amazing God Who created this universe and everything in it is in FULL control. Donald Trump won the Presidency in 2016, and a lot of Satanic people have been after him ever since, with false impeachment procedures, etc. God knows all and sees all. The major problem is the people who are supposed to be on His side, you and me. The Supreme Court ruled for abortion and feminists on 1/22/1973. Since then, even people who call themselves Christians have fallen into step. God’s number is seven, and He works in sevens, especially seven times seven, because after 49 years comes the 50th year, the year of Jubilee, when the land must return to its original owner. That Jubilee year begins on 1/22/2022. In the meantime, 28 years, four times seven years after 1973, America was rocked by 9/11. Did the people heed the wake-up call? NO WAY! So, God has used the most unlikely man, Donald Trump, who loves his country so much that he took on a fight that he didn’t need to. And he has kept on loving his country so much that he has endured more crap than any President should have to. Despite resistance on all sides, he restored Jerusalem to its rightful place of dignity, and he brokered several peace deals that most people would have thought impossible. He has not been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize awarded to chief sycophant Obama for doing absolutely nothing.

    God hates abortion with a passion, and He found a man who has been the most pro-life President in history. He orchestrated raising one of the most beautiful mothers in America, Amy Coney Barrett, to the Supreme Court shortly before this election. She and Donald Trump must overturn Roe v Wade before the end of that Jubilee year. God must sit on the Throne again; the land must be returned to Him or be destroyed. I firmly believe that He wants America to lead a Revival that the apostles would be proud of. A new Pro-Life generation will rise and lead us into a Glory of God that the world has rarely seen. And Australia must get in on the act or sink into the cesspool that confronts it. We must become, again, the South Land of the Holy Spirit.

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