What’s REALLY Going On? Credible Alternative Sources for US News

After several years of trial and error as it were, I have managed to come across a number of US news sources which have consistently filled me with facts, truth, encouragement and inspiration.

I am personally on a continual quest, particularly regarding the US given the contested election that is currently at stake to know:

  1. What is REALLY going on,
  2. What is GOD SAYING about it all, and
  3. What should I/WE DO about it?

I keep coming across (even strong) Christians who in this season are discouraged or indifferent, in large part due to not having good, quality news sources that herald the truth and which telegraph God’s perspectives in relation to what is REALLY happening — in both the spiritual and the natural world.

The sources, below, help me to be informed and encouraged with truth, in addition to being better informed as to how to pray into these tumultuous times.

I’m going to be bold here. I believe that God is orchestrating the mother of all showdowns regarding these US elections; and He will have the final word of victory!

1. Dutch Sheets

Dutch Sheets and his team have in the past month went around the US swing states, holding mainly online prayer and declaration rallies with upwards of 100,000 people tuning in live each time, with hundreds of thousands listening in after the livestream.

They have issued many, many powerful, and in my opinion, on-the-money prophetic declarations regarding what’s really going on, what God thinks of it all, what God’s plans are and most importantly how we might practically/spiritually partner with God — the chief commander, as we try to make sense of it all.

In particular I would love to draw your attention to the 20 or so ¾-hour podcasts that have been recently uploaded near the bottom of his website. Each one of them contain some of the most insightful teaching that I have ever heard on anything. They are so very helpful and encouraging.

Here’s a link to Dutch Sheets’ website: Dutch Sheets Ministries

2. Dr. Steve Turley

A Christian, conservative commentator, brilliant researcher, puts out two podcasts daily. Hugely informative, current and encouraging.

Here’s just one recent video where you’ll hear what the mainstream media is not telling you:


3. Mario Marillo is pretty unique — an out and out Evangelist with a capital E, who has seen many thousands come to Christ.

But he also commentates insightfully on what is happening regarding the political realm from a current prophetic and practical perspective. The real deal. Always inspiring.

Here’s the link to his website: Mario Murillo Ministries

4. TV Media sources

It goes to say that MSNBC, CNN and ABC are from the pit itself.

As a result of Fox turning more to the dark side since the US election, Conservatives have been turning to Newsmax (the only MSM channel not to have yet called the election for Biden).

In the past month, their subscribers have increased six-fold!

They’re very informative and free to watch online or YouTube.

Website link: Newsmax – Breaking News | News Videos | Politics, Health, Finance

Another excellent news source is One America News Network

5. Epoch Times Online

Epoch Times are an online news organisation that have a superbly informative and packed website with up-to-the minute information.

You can view them online for free, and then you’ll be asked to pay $1 to sign up for a further 4-month trial; I think they are well worth supporting.

You will also get many (probably too much for many people) feeds of the latest information as to what’s really happening.

Here’s the link: The Epoch Times — Truth & Tradition. Fact Based. Unbiased. Accurate News

6. Others

Other notable mentions are Lance Wallnau (a business advisor, strategist, author) and Hank Kunneman (a very accurate prophet — apart from the stuff-up he made with the Covid-19 predictions near the start of the year; I guess we’re all human).

I’m sure there are many others whom people listen to that I have not included, but for what it’s worth I also get insight and encouragement from others such as Candace Owens (a colossus), Diamond & Silk (funny and forceful), Sidney “The Kracken” Powell (legal giant), attorney Lin Wood (who asked for the Holy Spirit to come to the special public rally in Georgia recently), Rudy Giuliani (who’s been prepared for this hour), and last but not least Jenna Ellis (who is part of Trump’s legal team who came out with the mother of all quotes this week as she received dozens of death threats).

There is also an interview between Eric Metaxas (who wrote the seminal Bonhoeffer book, and who has his own show on YouTube) with Lance Wallnau. It is incredibly insightful regarding what to make of, and what we as Christians ought to do, regarding the current US election farce.

You can view it here: Lance Wallnau — The Eric Metaxas Show


Be encouraged and be blessed!

And pass on the good news for anyone who you think might need a bit of a lift who are trying to make sense of what’s really going on.

PS: You might be aware of this already but if not … you can listen to videos at up to 2 x the normal speed on YouTube, as follows:

  • On a smartphone click on the three dots in the top right hand corner of the screen and select 1.25. 1.5, 1.75 or 2 x playback speed. Can easily be changed back.
  • On a PC click on the Settings cog wheel and select the increased playback speed.

This has saved me literally hundreds of hours!

[Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash]

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About the Author:

Phil Greer, B. Eng., PhD came out to Australia on a 2-year work contract nearly 20-years ago, and in that time has with the assistance of his wife Gayle produced a couple of Aussie boys aged 9 and 11.

Phil’s background in engineering saw him eventually head up the Technology & Innovation division of a $700-m manufacturing / distribution company in Australia, after which he formed several niche overhead-cost reduction consulting organisations that provide smart services into large and mid-sized organisations. Phil is also a business author.

Phil is passionate about multiplying disciples, developing leaders — especially those that others might have overlooked, and is also passionate about seeing God’s kingdom occupying all areas of society.

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  1. Robyn Bean December 24, 2020 at 5:42 pm - Reply

    As with the Media in Australia, the Sydney Morning Herald (and its various arms – I presume), (and maybe other Australian papers), are churning out this false/incomplete/inaccurate news from the USA, about President Trump.
    I know this as a fact. Of what I see, and listen to, and read from America.
    Sincerely Robyn B

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