As 2021 begins, we want to start the year right by lifting Jesus up and recognising His rightful place in our lives and in our nation. As such, we are calling for 21 days of prayer and fasting during the first 21 days of January 2021.

We recognise that big challenges lay ahead of us in regards to life, faith, freedom and family — both in Australia and around the world. The best way for us to address these challenges is to take them to the only one who possesses all wisdom, love and power, and that’s King Jesus.

We are not the only ones calling for prayer as the new year begins — in fact, we are just one voice in a chorus of others. We have been inspired by Love Adelaide’s 37 Days of Holiness as they call for prayer and fasting for a breakthrough for life. Likewise, we take inspiration from the 21 Days of Exalting Jesus Among the Nations called by the Global Upper Room. Other churches are beginning the year with similar events.

We encourage you to take the first 21 days of January — from the 1st to the 21st — to pray and fast for Jesus to be lifted high. Here are the four specific prayer points we suggest:

  1. A revelation for Australians of Jesus Christ and Him crucified
  2. The defeat of South Australia’s abortion legalisation bill
  3. The defeat of Victoria’s “change or suppression” bill
  4. Integrity and justice in the U.S. election process

We acknowledge that cultural transformation will only come as our nation has a greater revelation of Jesus. For this reason, our main goal during these 21 days is to lift up Jesus. As we read in Zechariah 4:6, the kind of change we long to see is “Not by might, not by power but by [God’s] Spirit.”

The poster displayed in this email can be downloaded at THIS LINK. You may like to print and share it with others to let them know about the 21 Days.

Every night of the Lift Jesus Up campaign there will be a Zoom Prayer meeting at 8pm (AEST) at Please join us any nights that you are able!

Also, don’t forget about the Sunrise Prayer Relay. We encourage you to meet at a public location such as a hill, lookout or landmark in your city or town at sunrise, to pray in the New Year and proclaim that JESUS IS LORD. You can find out more and register your location at