You will see in all the major cities of Australia on 26th January a smoking ceremony being performed. This ceremony is disguised, and is presented to you as ‘Aboriginal culture’, but it is not what it seems. I do not want to criticise or denigrate Aboriginal culture, but I have a serious concern.

This ceremony is Aboriginal religion, linked to diabolical demon spirits, portrayed to the Australian public as ancestral spirits. But when you participate in the smoking ceremony, you automatically open the door to the spirit-world, and you give millions of demons legal access into your life and your family and into society.

The result is the break-up of marriages and families. People will hear voices, have mental breakdowns, even suicides. This ceremony puts a curse on you and, sooner or later — be warned — it will catch up with you and affect your life.


These spirits are NOT ancestral spirits at all. These spirits are deceiving mongrels, conniving, evil dogs of hell, under the control of Satan himself. I should know: I have been dealing with these spirits in people’s lives for years, and these spirits know who I am.

This smoking ceremony should also be banned from all mining operations throughout Australia. I worked at Rio Tinto Argyle diamond mine in the Kimberley from 1995 until 2005, and I witnessed a lot of marriages break up, and in 2005, the general manager and his wife broke up. Why? Every week, Indigenous people from a nearby community travel to the mine, and smoke and sprinkle water on new recruits.

The people who are performing these smoking ceremonies should be held accountable for what they have done to people and society. In the past, the smoking ceremony was performed in Parliament House in Canberra, in hospitals and police academies, right through NAIDOC week. If Aboriginal people want to continue their smoking ceremonies, it should be only be performed in their own community.

Two years ago, I was asked to visit a Rio Tinto mining worker here in Perth because of this very thing. It took me two day get rid of the defilement in his house. Then, while we were having a cup of tea, I asked him, ‘Where is your wife?’ He said ‘We’ve divorced.’ I then asked him where he worked and he said ‘in the Pilbara, for Rio Tinto.’ I asked ‘Have you ever participated in an Aboriginal smoking ceremony?’ He said ‘Yes.’ I then told him, ‘You have given demonic spirits — disguised as ancestral spirits — legal access into your life, and brought the curse back to your family. You and your wife have divorced, and your grandchildren are disturbed and can’t sleep at night, and your daughter is hearing voices. These spirits come into your house through closed doors.’

Drugs also open the door to that spirit-realm as well, giving these spirits legal access into your life. Their sole purpose is to steal, kill and destroy. I should know, because I have been dealing with these spirits in people’s lives for over 40 years. I helped a young Noongar girl, where the mental hospital that she was attending couldn’t help her. I cast thousands of screaming demons out of her. I went to another mental asylum hospital and helped her sister come out of the same situation.

I have gone to Graylands Mental Hospital in Perth. People call this place ‘the mad house’. I helped a young Aboriginal girl from Geraldton and freed her from the same situation. Another young Aboriginal girl in her early twenties rang me and asked, ‘Can you help me please?’ I asked her, ‘What is your problem?’ She said, ‘I hear a lot of voices, telling me to throw petrol over myself and set myself alight.’ I commanded the spirits to go, and she felt them leave immediately.

A lot of what you see on National Indigenous TV is not actually Aboriginal culture, but is Aboriginal religion disguised. A lot of people performing on this channel are of mixed race, and don’t really know what Aboriginal culture is. They are descendants of mixed races that have not been here for 46,000 years — descendants of Irish, German, French, Italian, Afghan, English, Chinese, Japanese and many other nationalities, with some Aboriginal ancestry as well. But they have not lived a tribal lifestyle or even a semi-tribal lifestyle, and they don’t understand the religious side of tribal life.

The Aboriginal people throughout outback Australia, even the Kimberley, don’t live a traditional lifestyle anymore. They have glimpses of it, but they all now live a western lifestyle. They wear shirts and trousers, eat western food, use toilet paper, have mobile phones, live in houses, and it’s now ‘Toyota Dreaming’. Many of them still speak their own languages and practice some of their ceremonies, and many also practice witchcraft, astral projection and a lot of story-telling that is mainly myths and fables. I know, because I come from this background.

One of the Aboriginal academic activists recently made a statement that Aboriginal people need to have a voice in the government because of the extreme disadvantage which Aboriginal people are in. That is a lie. The main reason why Aboriginal communities and people are degenerating, is because of the link they are maintaining to nature-based idolatry and its consequences: spirit and snake worship and other attitudes and practices. This also includes the whole Torres Strait region.

Aboriginal people have their communities, free dental and medical treatment, get mining royalty money. They go fishing and enjoy many benefits. Who is paying for so much of this? Australian taxpayers. So how are they disadvantaged? There are Aboriginal lawyers, doctors, dentists, pilots, musicians, artists, teachers and people in many other professions — even those who own a mining company and cattle stations.

Some of these activists need to leave their ivory palaces and come with me to meet the real Indigenous Australians where the rubber meets the road.

In conclusion, I’d like to say that a lot of programs on the Aboriginal media are pseudo-culture. For instance, by Aboriginal law, the didgeridoo is an instrument only to be played and used by initiated men and those authorised to play it. Its origin is in the east Kimberley, Port Keats and parts of Arnhem Land in their corroborees and dances.

In certain parts of the Kimberley and throughout the desert rim, the didgeridoo is not allowed to be blown. But now other people have become ‘expert’ in blowing it all around the big cites of Australia and other parts of the world, including Japanese and Swedish people making it a commercial venture. There are even children blowing it, busking in the streets. This makes a mockery of its traditional use.

I speak for the silent majority. Many people make a big issue of Aboriginal matters like Australia Day and sporting events and don’t represent us. We don’t want to have them speak for us. The whole Australian public need to know that the majority of Aboriginal people in the bush respect Australia Day and are concerned over current directions being portrayed in the media. Maybe one day you will meet some of them yourself. We really value our country, Australia. We are part of this country, black, white, yellow, brown, red people together, making this country such a great place to live in. We are all Australians together. So, let the party begin.