Days of Holiness ~ Day 34: Holy Swords

3 February 2021

4.2 MINS

The Holy Word of God in the mouths of believers is powerful to lay foundations for all the Lord has planned for His people. Isaiah 51:16 (AMP) says:

“I have put My words in your mouth
and have covered you with the shadow of My hand,
to establish the [renewed] heavens
and lay the foundations of the [renewed] earth,
and to say to Zion (Jerusalem), ‘You are My people.’”

Ephesians 6:17-18 (TPT) reminds us to take the spoken word of God to pray:

“Embrace the power of salvation’s full deliverance,
like a helmet to protect your thoughts from lies.
And take the mighty razor-sharp Spirit-sword of the spoken Word of God.
Pray passionately in the Spirit, as you constantly intercede with every form of prayer at all times. Pray the blessings of God upon all His believers.”

This war for the unborn is all about words — some are Holy Swords, and there are the counterfeit word swords whose source is the enemy, who comes to kill the unborn before they can take their first breath. Psalm 55:21 (NASB) states:

“His speech was smoother than butter, but his heart was war;
His words were softer than oil, Yet they were drawn swords.”

And Proverbs 30:14 (TPT) states:

“There is a generation rising that uses their words like swords to cut and slash those who are different. They would devour the poor, the needy, and the afflicted from off the face of the earth!”

The argument for aborting life in the womb sounds smooth and soft, but there is no denying its results — babies growing in the seclusion of their mother’s womb end up cruelly destroyed, their innocent blood shed.

These words, smoother than butter and softer than oil, seem right but have resulted in a “slow boil” — in the beginning, over 50 years ago, it carried a promise that abortion would be only in rare cases to save the mother’s life — now it seems plausible and in fact every woman’s right to abort her child, even if that child can live independently from her.

Smooth and soft words from the professionals in the abortion clinics reassure that abortion is the simplest, easiest, most desirable path for a woman. She will hear no words of hope, or words of her being a mother — no words asking her how she feels about this decision — yet in her heart she longs to hear words of comfort and hope for a solution to keep the child.

Let us Pray:
Father, thank You for the gift of life! Thank You for the Holy Swords given in the mouths of Your people that flow from hearts that love You! Lord, have mercy on us as a nation for adhering to the lies of Satan, the father of lies. Lord, in this battle of word swords, equip Your Holy Nation with sharp words that pierce the darkness and expose the lies.

Rebuild the earth according to Your blueprint for life to be flourishing, and for every life given to fulfil their days. Lord, send forth Your Swift powerful Sword into this battle for the unborn. Thank You that You always offer a way for mercy to flow. Lord, we pray for mercy over our nation in these days. In Jesus’, Yeshua‘s, powerful redeeming Name, Amen.


Abundant grace to you as we continue in prayer and fasting according to Mark 9:29 ~

He answered them, “This type of powerful spirit can only be cast out by fasting and prayer.”


Prayer Points:

  • Praise God for the overwhelming number of people that emailed, phoned or texted 5AA Radio in Adelaide, and for the compère Andrew Reimer allowing freedom of speech to all who sent messages, phone calls and emails, and for taking all the responses they received to the politicians.
  • That the debates on the Bill are delayed until after the Walk for Life and not pushed through early! For truth to be revealed and the righteous politicians to be fortified and fully supported.
  • We get SA Health approval passed ASAP!!!
  • They approve turning the escalators on for the Walk for Life that were allowed for the cricket — why not the Walk — favour on us!
  • The weather for the Walk: the temperature looks wonderful, but we are asking the Lord for favour over the wind or threats of rain. That there be no wind!
  • Premier Steven Marshall and Attorney-General Vickie Chapman; may they not support this Bill.
    Whatever their motivation, we ask the Lord to use them to save babies.


  1. Contact local MPs. Click here for more tips on speaking to your local MP, and to look up your member and electorate.
  2. WALK FOR LIFE Pennington Gardens, North Adelaide Saturday February 6th, Gates open 9.30 a.m. — 12 noon. Arrive early to check in (SA Health requirement).

After all of the talk about debates starting this week, the Parliament has decided not to debate the Termination of Pregnancy Bill 2020 on the first day back for 2021. Let us give thanks to the Lord!
We will hold fire on the Parliament Steps Rally until debates start.

To send the intended influential message to our politicians
that South Australians DO NOT want legalised abortion up to birth,
we need thousands of people on the WALK for LIFE!

It will take each of us to SPREAD THE WORD through all our networks!

Go to our website & our Facebook page Love Adelaide — make sure you ‘like’ the page and share the event.


The team at the Canberra Declaration are partnering with Love Adelaide’s call for 37 Days of Prayer & Fasting in asking God for the defeat of this horrific SA abortion to birth legislation that will be voted on in February 2021. We are doing this by calling for 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting from 1 – 21 January 2021. (Feel free to join them for the full 37 Days should you so wish.)

We are also adding some very specific prayer requests over and above the defeat of this horrific anti-LIFE legislation in SA. Join with us as we believe for breakthrough for these key prayer points. Feel free to add your own prayer requests for friends and family, your church and your local community as you feel led.


  1. A revelation for Australians of Jesus Christ and Him crucified
  2. The defeat of South Australia’s Abortion Legalisation Bill
  3. The defeat of Victoria’s “Change or Suppression” Bill
  4. Integrity and justice in the U.S. election process
[Photo by Artur Kerkhoff on Unsplash]


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