This Is No Comedy Skit

“I’ve got two trans kids and they’re perfect,” says Andy Meddick. “And that’s why I am voting for the Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Bill without amendments.”

Huh? That’s not an argument.

“An argument is a connected series of statements intended to establish a proposition.” Only this is not a comedy skit, Andy, this is real life; real lives, real families, with deep, complicated, lifelong issues.

You’re saying that because your two children successfully transitioned, no-one else has the right to discuss whether this path alone, will be best for their children.

You’re saying that you’ll vote in favour of a bill that asserts that in 100% of cases children with gender dysphoria must be directed away from their natal gender.

You’re saying: My children transitioned and I’m an MP with a deciding vote, so I get to say what is right for all other families: ‘Every child from now on must be affirmed in their chosen gender, no discussion of natal gender may ensue; no discussion with doctor, psychologist, paediatrician, counsellor, parent or friend.’

The MP with the vote and the two trans kids has spoken.

The people of Victoria are begging parliament to ‘parler’. We didn’t vote you in to react emotionally.

You’re not elected to make decisions for the whole of Victoria based on your own family’s experiences. Parliament needs to debate. But you haven’t. Parliament needs to represent its people, but it won’t consult, argue or listen.

We’ve heard Andy Meddick’s experience and we’re genuinely happy for his success in loving and raising his beautiful children. But that is unrelated to what is happening in Parliament this Thursday. He has not made a single articulate argument defending the way he intends to vote on our behalf. We, religious people, are just as appalled as he is at some practices and would welcome a bill which honestly addresses real grievances.

We want a bill which really protects, not this poorly written bill, lazily strewn with undefined terms. Please do better for all the kids like yours.

This bill makes one side of the conversation illegal;
That’s not an argument.

I feel like I’m in a comedy skit where I’m told something equivalent to:
“If you want me to go on arguing, you’ll have to pay for another five minutes.”

Only, this is no comedy skit, and Andy more than anyone must know that.

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Gerardine was born and bred in Melbourne. She and Geoff were married 30 years ago and have been involved in Christian homeschooling communities with their four children. Now she is mainly concerned about and active with the political direction of Australia.

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  1. Phil February 26, 2021 at 10:28 pm - Reply

    Succinct and poignantly articulate.

    I reckon John Cleese wouldn’t think it was an argument either.

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