2020: The year of Amazing Coincidences – which couldn’t possibly be related

1. A pandemic came out of China (the Democrats’ favourite totalitarian state) — following Trump’s push for fair trade — that wreaks havoc on both our economy and political system. But it’s just a coincidence.

2. This led to lockdowns which devastated the Trump economy, one of the greatest achievements in the post-war era. But there’s no connection.

3. This gives progressives at the state level an excuse to institute mail-in voting — an ideal opportunity for vote-stealing. These couldn’t possibly be related.

4. In late May came the riots that started with the death of George Floyd — leading to 6 months of chaos and further economic decline.

5. As soon as the election was over and Trump was about to exit, a vaccine was announced.

6. The breaking-in at the Capitol and the resulting chaos gave Pelosi an excuse to resurrect impeachment, the Democrats a chance to bring 20,000 National Guardsmen to the streets of DC and everyone an opportunity to pile on Republicans and conservatives.

7. Now comes the Great Purge of 2021 — the Campus Cancel Culture on a national scale.

We ended up with Democrats in control of the presidency and both houses of Congress, and the Left lusting for revenge.

Are these a series of amazing coincidences — or could they in some way be connected?

You’re not paranoid if they really are out to get you. Buses for the De-Programing Camps leave hourly.

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About the Author:

Don Feder was a Boston Herald editorial writer and syndicated columnist from June 1983 to June 2002. For 19 years, his twice-weekly column appeared in the Herald, New England’s second largest newspaper. On February 28, 2002, the paper published his 2,000th column.

Feder’s column was syndicated and carried by more than 40 newspapers and e-magazines nationwide.

His writings have also appeared in USA TODAY, The Washington Times, The Weekly Standard, National Review, American Enterprise, Front Page Magazine, Human Events, American Thinker and GrassTopsUSA. Feder has traveled extensively in Europe, the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

He is the 1998 recipient of the International Communications Award of the Republic of China on Taiwan.

Feder is also the recipient of the 1984 Distinguished Editorial Journalism Award from The Conservative Caucus of America, the 2002 Warren T. Brooks Award from Massachusetts Citizens for Limited Taxation, the Princeton Ivy Leaguers for Freedom Award in October 1999, the Second Amendment Foundation’s 1985 James Madison Award, The World Congress of Families’ 2016 Family And Truth Award and the First Place Prize in the Amy Foundation’s Writing Contest for Projecting Biblical Truths in the Secular Media in 1992.

Since leaving the Boston Herald in 2002, Feder has served as a communications consultant, writer and conference organiser for various pro-life and pro-family NGOs.

Feder worked with the World Congress of Families from 2006 to May 2018, first as Communications Director, and later as Coalitions Director and Coordinator of Regional Conferences. He was the editor of World Congress of Families News and the organisation’s Leadership Memos. He spoke at WCF II (Geneva) WCF III (Mexico City), WCF IV (Warsaw), WCF V (Amsterdam), WCF VI (Madrid), WCF IX (Salt Lake City), WCF X (Tbilisi) and WCF XI (Budapest).

He also helped to organise World Congress of Families regional conferences in Trinidad, Barbados, Antigua, St. Lucia, London, Paris, Belgrade, Moldova, Moscow, Ulyanovsk (Russia), Riga (Latvia), Malawi, Abuja (Nigeria), and Nairobi.

Besides his work for World Congress of Families, Feder helped to organise The Interfaith Zionist Leadership Summit (2003), The War on Christians Conference (2006) -- both in Washington, D.C. -- and The Constitution or Sharia Conference (2011) in Nashville, TN.

He is currently the Coalitions Director of the Ruth Institute.

Feder is a graduate of the Boston University College of Liberal Arts (BA in political science) and the Boston University Law School (JD). He passed the bar in New York and Massachusetts and practiced law in upstate New York (1973-1976).

Prior to writing for the Boston Herald, he was Executive Director of Massachusetts Citizens for Limited Taxation (1976-1979) and the Second Amendment Foundation (1979-1982).

He is married to Andrea (formerly Mills), is the father of four children and grandfather of three. He was born sometime in the last century.


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    Thank you for sharing this information.

  2. Ann Blakeway February 8, 2021 at 8:37 pm - Reply

    Yep, sections of humanity have been growing this way for decades. Will we ever stand up and stand strong???!

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