Ruth Inst. Resource Center Fights Censorship and Propaganda

“I’m proud to announce that the Ruth Institute has opened its online Resource Center on Censorship and Propaganda,” said Ruth Institute President, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D.

Morse observed:

“Thoughtful people from across the political spectrum are becoming alarmed by the ‘Cancel Culture,’ Big Tech censorship, and the endless flow of distorted ‘news’ that amounts to propaganda. Big Tech’s origin and lifeblood is the free flow of information, and yet they are leading the charge to censor everything from books to postings, websites to Tweets.

“At the same time, the media pushes insidiously disguised propaganda. The Legacy Media, along with Tech Giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Twitter, have moved from the information/communications business to the censorship and propaganda business.”

Morse urged:

“In our work defending the family, the Ruth Institute has become increasingly convinced that the premises of the Sexual Revolution are simply false. Those who promote the Sexual Revolution must resort to distortion, half-truths, propaganda, and outright censorship. We created The Ruth Institute Propaganda and Censorship Resource Center to help people learn to identify and fight propaganda.”

The Resource Center includes reports and videos such as:

“Why the constant censorship is not surprising.” This short video from Dr. Morse explains how the utopian fantasies of so many in the ruling class create a need for censorship. Anyone who points out for instance, that the Sexual Revolution is harming people, must be silenced.

“How I helped the Sexual Revolution hijack the women’s movement.” This is a video (with transcript) of a speech by former Cosmopolitan writer Sue Ellen Browder, explaining how and why the “Cosmo Girl” was invented.

“How unbiased are the fact checkers?” Dr. Morse interviews “Just Facts” Founder Jim Agresti on how and why “Fact-Checkers” so often miss the mark.

“Removed book — a talk with the author of The Health Hazards of Homosexuality.” Gay sex is risky. No one has ever refuted the contents of this book, but Amazon removed it and the authors’ account. This interview tells the whole story.

“NBC again smears the Ruth Institute as a hate group,” is one of a series of press releases in which the Ruth Institute responds to the bogus “hate group” claims.

“This is only a small taste of the materials available at the Ruth Institute’s Censorship and Propaganda Resource Center now,” Morse said. “We’ll include more and more resources over time. Our goals are to educate, activate and inspire. People are increasingly fed up with the steady diet of political correctness, and exhausted from trying to sort through the latest nonsense. We’re giving people the tools and the confidence to identify propaganda for themselves.”

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About the Author:

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D is the founder of the Ruth Institute, a global non-profit organization that defends the family at home and in the public square and equips others to do the same. She is passionate about equipping family advocates with the knowledge and confidence to defend the family at home and in the public square.

Dr. Morse was a campaign spokeswoman for California’s winning Proposition 8 campaign, defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman. She has authored or co-authored five books and spoken around the globe on marriage, family and human sexuality. Her work has been translated into Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Polish and Chuukese, the native language of the Micronesian Islands. Her newest books are The Sexual Revolution and Its Victims and 101 Tips for Marrying the Right Person, coauthored with Betsy Kerekes.

She earned her Ph.D. at the University of Rochester and taught economics at Yale and George Mason Universities.

Dr. Morse was named one of the “Catholic Stars of 2013” on a list that included Pope Francis and Pope Benedict XVI.

Dr. Morse and her husband are parents of an adopted child, a birth child, a goddaughter and were foster parents for San Diego County to eight foster children. In 2015, Dr. Morse and her husband relocated to Lake Charles, Louisiana, where the work of the Ruth Institute continues.

For a listing of Dr. Morse's current presentations, please click here. For more information, contact You can listen to many of Dr. Morse’s recent talks on the Ruth Institute podcast page.

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