Could Hunter’s Laptop Spell the End of the Joe Biden Presidency?

Even as a pristine image of President Biden is projected to the world, more astute observers note some unravelling threads.

Biden’s public stumbles and gaffes have raised questions about his mental acuity. His radical pro-abortion policies have left credulous Christian fans feeling betrayed. And as the situation on America’s southern border worsens, there is a distinct possibility that America’s national press may actually critique him over this historic crisis.

Meanwhile, a more serious threat to Biden’s presidency still lingers, and that is the contents on his son Hunter’s laptop.

We previously covered this story in our 2020 exposé, Biden, Trump, and the Greatest Scandal in American History. Since that time, more has come to light about the Hunter Biden laptop and its implications for Joe Biden’s presidency.

In a recent interview, the editor in chief of LifeSiteNews John-Henry Westen spoke with political commentator Jack Maxey. Maxey has spent the last few months investigating the contents of the laptop hard drive.

You may remember that at the apex of last year’s election campaign, retired intelligence officials and the mainstream press sought to convince the American public that the Hunter Biden laptop was part of a “Russian disinformation” campaign. So widely promoted was this myth that the Director of National Intelligence, the FBI and the Justice Department had to go public to debunk it.

Maxey is convinced that the laptop and its trove of damning text messages and emails most certainly belonged to Hunter Biden. He engaged “several retired CIA agents… a former contractor from the NSA, [and] cybersecurity experts” before drawing this conclusion. According to Maxey,

“Everybody who has looked at this confirms that it’s 100 percent real. As one person said to me, “If we devoted all the resources of Langley for a decade we couldn’t recreate this because there’s so much metadata connecting everything together.”

Prominent lawyer Rudy Giuliani also owns a copy of the laptop hard drive, and likewise engaged independent experts to examine its contents. Quoted in the interview, Giuliani has confirmed that,

They came to the conclusion that it’s his [Hunter Biden’s] hard drive. There are internal pieces of information here that only he could have… We also have his signature, and the gentleman who had it, it was in his constant possession for all that period of time. So there are witnesses that can testify to it…

This is Hunter Biden’s laptop. His voice is on it. His signature’s on the receipt. There are things in here that only he could know. And when you look at the photograph section, you’re darn right it’s his laptop, and it’s disgusting, and it includes a large number of underage girls.

Westen and Maxey were wise not to pay too much attention to this latter issue, given that a character smear against Hunter could distract from the more serious national security threats exposed by this scandal. But they did remark on the silent complicity of the wider Biden family regarding the alleged sexual abuse. Westen noted that:

Text messages between Hunter Biden and his family members repeatedly describe allegations of abusive behaviour by Hunter with and around children. Hunter did not deny the allegations in texts discussing them on the laptop.

Under Delaware law, people aware of child abuse are legally required to report it to the police. Special responsibility is placed on public educators, like Hunter Biden’s stepmother, Dr. Jill Biden, the wife of the current president, and social workers like his sister Ashley Biden.

Turning to the more serious political scandal, Jack Maxey told Westen that he could speak for tens of hours about the contents of the laptop and what it reveals about the level to which the Biden family is compromised. “At every level they’re selling their father’s [Joe Biden’s] influence,” he remarked. Maxey’s primary concern is that America itself is under threat because its Commander-in-chief is “very much blackmail-able, if not sold out.”

Maxey profiles three incidents illustrating this.

The first involved the Chinese Communist Party-owned Bank of China providing Hunter Biden and his partners with US$1.5 billion for a private equity fund called Bohai Harvest. Maxey remarks how extraordinary it was for Hunter and his partners — who knew very little about private equity — to land a deal that the likes of Goldman Sachs could only dream of making.

You have to wonder, asserts Maxey, whether such a great sum of money had more to do with gaining access to the White House, where Hunter’s dad Joe was Vice President at the time.

The second incident involved Hunter and his business partner Devon Archer providing access for CCP Chairman Xi Jinping to two Californian solar technology companies that the Chinese were interested in purchasing — likely through the Bohai Harvest equity fund. As Maxey rightly points out,

When you have the son of the Vice President and his crooked partner essentially defining the schedule for the Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party on a trip to the United States with the purpose of using his influence to get two American companies to sell to the Chinese, that is a FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act) violation like one can’t believe.

The third incident highlighted by Maxey took place not in China but Ukraine, in connection with the infamous energy company Hunter worked for, Burisma Holdings. According to Maxey:

One of Burisma’s earliest objectives with Hunter and Devon… was that they needed visas for their executives who were banned from travel for various reasons, and they really wanted access to Mexico because they knew Pemex was in trouble. They thought they could go down to Mexico and purchase some moribund gas fields and redevelop them; buy them on the cheap. And Hunter flies down to Mexico for this purpose on Air Force Two.

Indeed, it is now a matter of public record that while Joe Biden was Vice President, Hunter visited dozens of countries while receiving a Secret Service protective detail. It would appear that many of these trips were used by Hunter to further his business interests abroad.

Jack Maxey’s investigation has led him to two frightful deductions about Biden, Inc.

The first is that, for all of his faults, Hunter was complicit in a scheme that bigger players in the family — and possibly Joe Biden himself — presided over. Maxey says of Hunter,

He had a tremendous amount of pressure on him when you consider that for decades he had been working on behalf of the family to monetise Joe Biden’s office…

Hunter was clearly a victim of his father’s greed. The family has very expensive tastes — they never fly anything but first class; it’s never anything but the best hotel rooms.

Maxey suggests that, as the law began to catch up with Hunter Biden, he was concerned that his family might let him take the fall for their murky dealings. As such, it may in fact not have been oversight that led Hunter to abandon his laptop at a Delaware repair shop:

It seems quite obvious that Hunter was trying to clean things up in the last year… he was trying to organise the laptop. He, for example, saved certain documents in the photo files but he then deletes those documents from his emails. It seems to me that there was a concerted effort on his part to make it clear that if he was going down, that laptop would take everybody else down with him.

The second frightful deduction Maxey makes about the Biden affair is the complicity of America’s intelligence agencies in the unfolding scandal. He notes that the FBI received this laptop on December 9th of 2019, and have had access to its contents for almost a year and half.

This means that while President Donald Trump was being impeached for “abuse of power”, the FBI was sitting on the evidence needed to exonerate Trump of this charge. Had the FBI made this information available to prosecutors and the American public, it would have been clear that Trump’s call for Ukraine to investigate the Biden family was not a partisan attack on a political rival — but a justified concern over national security.

Maxey makes the case that this issue does not affect those on just one side of the political aisle, but Americans across the whole political spectrum:

Had the American people been aware of what was in this, there is no possible way in my mind that Joe Biden could have even entered the Democratic primaries…

[The FBI] watched a president of the United States get impeached — and then even worse, they watched a Democratic primary occur in which those other candidates were denied knowledge and truth about Joe Biden that would have kept him off of every ticket. And now he’s the President of the United States.

Rightly Maxey asks, “Why would they not reveal this to the American people? Why would they run a protection racket for Joe Biden?” He clarifies this question by saying,

I am not a conspiracy theorist. I’m someone who tries to follow the facts. But this is starting to look to me like a conspiracy of some sort. There have been many efforts on the part of our intelligence agencies to keep this hushed up, and you have to ask why.

In the years to come, it’s very likely that this will be looked backed on, not just as the biggest scandal in the history of the FBI, but of the United States of America.

It also seems increasingly likely that the U.S. will have a President Harris before these four years are up.

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    Great article Kurt! This info is a veritable time bomb. The million dollar question is how could the mainstream media, the FBI and the CIA ignore it?I have had grave doubts about the mainstream media here in Australia and in the USA for many decades. Sadly In the last 6 months I have lost all trust in the Cultural Marxist main stream media!!!!!!!

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