Progressivist Schizophrenia: Mourn the Wanted or Kill the Unwanted

New Zealand law now views an unborn child depending on whether or not it is wanted.

How else to interpret the latest example of progressivist schizophrenia from our cousins across the ditch?

Just one year after legalising abortion laws to permit the killing of babies up until 20 weeks for any reason at all, New Zealand politicians have passed a law to provide bereavement leave for women who experience a miscarriage.

No decent person would begrudge a woman who miscarries time to grieve the loss of her baby.

But surely Kiwi lawmakers understand that a woman who miscarries at 19 weeks and a woman who aborts at 19 weeks have exactly the same thing inside them!

The two laws, when considered together, effectively mean that the status of an unborn baby is determined entirely by the whims of the mother.

If a baby in the womb is wanted, it is a human being. But if that same baby in the womb is unwanted, then it is just a clump of cells.

Imagine having your status as human decided by the health or mental state of someone else.

Actually, you don’t have to imagine. Just think back to Germany in the 1930s. But I digress.

Let’s apply that same principle to the same human being 80 years after birth and see what we think …

If a senior citizen in the retirement village is wanted, he is a human being, with all the rights that entails. But if that same senior citizen in the retirement village is unwanted, he is a piece of meat that may be quietly disposed of.

Is it any wonder that when the same politicians who liberalise abortion start salivating at the idea of euthanasia, sensible seniors grow nervous?

If an unborn baby is just a clump of cells, as New Zealand’s abortion laws assume, then offering taxpayer-funded bereavement leave for a miscarriage is ridiculous.

But if an unborn baby is a human being, as New Zealand’s newly legislated bereavement provisions assume, then decriminalising abortion is obscene.

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