Perennial provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos has recently doubled down on his decision to renounce his gay lifestyle by casting his $150,000 (!) engagement ring — which Milo labelled as his ‘sodomy stone’ — into the ocean. The entire episode can be viewed below:

Inspired by J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, Milo said that he had originally intended to travel to Hawaii to throw the ring into the pits of Mt. Doom (i.e. an active volcano). But after realising how logistically difficult that was going to be, he went for the much simpler, deep-sea option.

Some might immediately object that Milo’s actions were financially foolish and that the ring could have instead been sold and the money given to some other worthy cause. But it’s worth considering that this is precisely the objection which Judas raised when Mary sought to anoint Jesus’ feet with expensive perfume, and we all know how that turned out! (see John 12:1-8).

But while there’s a lot I would question — and even disagree with — regarding his newfound faith, Milo’s actions are a model of how Christians should view gay marriage. Namely, repentance in this scenario means that the homosexual couple should seek to get a divorce, since it is in-and-of-itself an act of ‘sexual immorality’ (i.e. Matthew 19:9).

And this also means a complete renunciation of one’s former lifestyle, no matter how expensive the cost (See Acts 19:17-20). This is because, as Milo explains in an interview with LifeSiteNews, his devotion to God has enabled him to resist his sexual impulses and live in a completely different way:

Secular attempts at recovery from sin are either temporary or completely ineffective. Salvation can only be achieved through devotion to Christ and the works of the Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. St. Joseph is the spiritual father figure of the Holy Family. In this time of gender madness, devoting myself to the male protector of the infant Jesus is an act of faith in God’s Holy Patriarch, and a rejection of the Terror of transsexuals. Trannies are demonic: They are the Galli, the castrated priests of Cybele, the Magna mater, whom Augustine saw dancing in the streets of Carthage dressed like women.

Well, it’s good to see that Milo hasn’t lost his ability to shock or create controversy. No wonder no-one in the mainstream media is reporting on his latest act.

[Photo: Michael Masters/Getty Images]