CCP official allegedly defects to America; leaks data about COVID, China spies, Hunter’s laptop

Several conservative news sites in the United States are reporting that the Chinese Communist Party’s chief spy-catcher Dong Jingwei has defected to America, and has divulged ‘terabytes’ of information to the U.S. Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA).

Dong has allegedly revealed information about Chinese spies active in the U.S. and American public figures who have been compromised by CCP bribes. He has also shared models of the predicted spread and damage that would be caused by COVID-19 — suggesting that the virus was a bioweapon designed by China.

In his trove of data is also allegedly a copy of the uncensored contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which, as one reporter suggests, “every enemy of the U.S. has by now”.

RedState was the first outlet to break the story, which was later in part corroborated by SpyTalk. This week, LifeSiteNews carried a summarised report of these events by Steven Mosher who is known to the Canberra Declaration’s Warwick Marsh. Says Marsh,

I have met Steve Mosher before at the World Congress for Families in 2015 in the USA. He is a China expert and a long-time pro-life leader focusing particularly on China. If any one in the world knows China, he does.

Dong Jingwei is the head of counterintelligence at China’s Ministry of State Security. According to the reports, he flew from Hong Kong to the U.S. in mid-February on the pretext of visiting his daughter who attends a university in California. After arriving, he secretly contacted the DIA, announced his defection from China, and handed over the store of data he brought into the country.

If these events turn out to be true, Dong would be the most senior defector in the seventy-year history of the People’s Republic of China.

Also in the information provided by Dong are financial records about which government organisations funded virus research in Wuhan; early pathogenic studies of the SARS-CoV-2 virus; and the names of U.S. citizens who provide intel to China.

RedState’s sources also allege that over a third of Chinese students attending colleges in the U.S. are assets of the People’s Liberation Army or part of China’s Thousand Talents Plan.

The fact that Dong Jingwei bypassed the CIA or FBI and turned himself into the lesser-known Defence Intelligence Agency suggests that he regards the former agencies are too heavily compromised by the CCP and an unsafe harbour for his intel and safety. If this is true, Dong would know, given that he ran China’s spy network.

The accuracy of these reports is uncertain given that the reported sources are anonymous. At LifeSiteNews, Steven Mosher writes:

One sign that Dong’s defection is real is that his information has been scrubbed from the Ministry of Public Security’s website. Not to mention that Beijing seems to be panicking. As soon as RedState’s first report came out, the South China Morning Post, which is controlled by the CCP, engaged in a patent effort at damage control.

It claimed that the normally media-shy Dong was not only still in China, but that he had just given a talk on his special talent, which is catching foreign spies. But the article contained no details, no picture of the conference, and no picture of Dong.

In recent days, an official from the Biden administration contacted SpyTalk to hose down these rumours. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the State Department source said that reports of the Chinese counterintelligence chief defecting to the U.S. are “not accurate” and that, to their knowledge, Dong remains in China. The U.S. official declined to make any further comments on the matter.

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