Waste, Incompetence and Corruption in Aboriginal Affairs

6 August 2021

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Latest Closing the Gap report again highlights the waste, incompetence and corruption endemic in Australia’s Aboriginal affairs industrial complex

The latest Closing the Gap report, released yesterday, again highlights the waste, incompetence & corruption endemic in Australia’s Aboriginal affairs industrial complex, Your Life Your Vote: Take Control chair, Josephine Cashman, said today.

“There have been numerous enquiries into Aboriginal affairs, which show this. This just confirms all that, once again. It also shows that Closing the Gap’s 13 years have achieved very little in addressing the real issues that impact on Aboriginal families.” Ms Cashman said.

“It’s time to sideline the handful of failed Aboriginal ‘elites’ who currently dominate the national conversation on Aboriginal affairs and start listening to and working with the real elders in Aboriginal communities. It’s also time to drop all the red herrings, like the divisive Uluru Statement and Voice to Parliament and ridiculous cultural relativism in education, and concentrate on the real issues and ensure our young people get a sound, proper education,” Ms Cashman said.

Your Life Your Vote: Take Control was launched in Australia last month, with the aim of stopping the Labor Party, the Greens, and other extreme Left-wing political movements from using Aboriginal votes to pursue ineffective economic policies and weird “woke” social ideas, which are not shared by the vast majority of Aboriginal people.

Its national committee has representatives from most Australian States and Territories. In many Aboriginal communities around Australia, the Labor vote consistently ranges between 70 and 90 per cent, yet most communities remain heavily impoverished and the majority of their residents have little real say and opportunity.

“The billions spent on public servant salaries, failed experiments and consultancies should have achieved specific measurable results by now. Law and order, domestic violence, victimisation, poor quality housing, poor education outcomes, poor school attendance, youth suicide, drug abuse and life expectancy and more, remain unresolved,” Ms Cashman said.

“Over the last decade, Productivity Commission Indigenous Expenditure Reports have consistently shown total Commonwealth, State and Territory government per capita expenditure on ATSI people, is approximately double the per capita expenditure on non-Indigenous Australians.

“Nonetheless, we are still pitted against each other, which makes it easier for the elite power groups in Aboriginal affairs to divide and conquer. It is easier to control people if they are fighting each other, rather than working as a positive, united force focused on the causes of our discontent and disadvantage.

“For example, there is an extreme woke agenda as part of this Closing the Gap implementation plan, which is not a reflection of Aboriginal people. It divides these vulnerable communities, providing specific funds to LGBTQIA+SB (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, Sistergirl and Brotherboy) in areas of safety and justice, health and wellbeing, education, economic security, land, housing, employment, training and business. Yet, I do not know one elder in an Aboriginal community who would agree with this approach.

“It appears as if the failed Aboriginal leaders and public servants currently dominating things are pushing an anti-family agenda onto us. Why is the Government getting involved on woke gender/identity terms, when Aboriginal people want housing and a safe, empowering environment? It disrespects our culture. I find Aboriginal people generally hold conservative values. One reason is because the foundation of our ancient culture involves distinct roles for men and women, and there have always been separate sacred sites for men and women.

“As a growing number of Australians are being mistreated, the time has come to fight for the rights of our elders, our veterans and for our vulnerable people. The framework is just another push by the same failed leaders to get more power and resources. They are the same leaders who have received billions. They seek to implement a United Nations Indigenous agenda rather than an effective grassroots agenda, respectful of our specific values and needs.

“It is vital the voices of Aboriginal people living in communities are heard and honoured. It is not appropriate to consult only those who, for over 50 years have profited from an endless stream of taxpayer dollars. Nor it is appropriate for the same failed leadership to be appointed to design this.

“This Closing the Gap implementation plan is pushing the Voice to Parliament and giving more power to the same failed leaders who have taken the money and designed activism institutions rather than helping the people. This same Aboriginal elite leadership has for decades failed to address the growing problems affecting my people living in communities and the money has rarely reached them.

“It is doubtful whether the Federal Aboriginal Affairs Department would be able to answer a simple question about individual community computer hardware availability and/or computer literacy in regional and remote ATSI communities.

“In other words, there is a need to map ATSI community needs, facilities, expertise (such as computer literacy and hardware access) and other similar gaps. Again, individual community computer and Internet access and skill levels will be variable from community to community, and thus there can be no band-aid solution to problems which have accumulated for generations.

“The Voice to Parliament occurs as a convenient way to deflect the real issues impacting my people and the privileged leadership group is now accusing Australians of being racist, which is undermining our nation and dividing our people,” Ms Cashman said.

More information on Your Life Your Vote: Take Control can be found at

It is also on social media: [Facebook][Twitter] [Photo by cottonbro from Pexels]


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