We make our appeals to the God of mercy and love,
Who keeps His promises and never forsakes His people.


“Remember Lord, Your great mercy and love, for they are from of old.”
—Psalm 25:6


This is a psalm for times of trouble, and for seeking forgiveness, guidance and relief from the troubles of our hearts. The psalmist appeals to the covenant-keeping God, who will not forsake His people or His promises. This is such an important passage for us to pray. Take a moment to read and pray through Psalm 25 now.

Jesus Have Mercy
Matthew 15:22 tells us that “a Canaanite woman from that vicinity came to [Jesus], crying out, ‘Lord, Son of David, have mercy on me! My daughter is demon possessed and suffering terribly.” This woman had boldness and faith. At first it may appear as though Christ ignored her and then was rude to her. But in fact, He was only encouraging her to show her great faith—a Canaanite woman who had greater faith than the disciples! She is a great example to us, reminding us that we can plead for others.

Have Mercy on Australia
Today we remember Victoria, a state that has had the most cases in our nation, and seen the death of 820 people with Covid-19. Victoria has suffered through six lockdowns. The impact of the virus and the measures to combat it will continue to have an impact on Victoria for many years.

Have Mercy on the World
Today we remember China and Russia, two of the largest countries in the world. China, the original source of Covid-19, claims to have had just over 100,000 cases (for a population of around one billion), and almost 5,000 deaths. The Delta strain has now begun to impact China, as in the rest of the world. Over 1.8 billion vaccine doses have been administered, or 130 per 100 people. Most of these are the Sinovax, which is considered much less effective, around 50 percent. Russia has had over 6 million cases with over 165,000 deaths. There has again been a resurgence in the past few weeks. 68 million vaccines have been administered in Russia, or 47 per 100 people.


Have Mercy on Your Church
Pray for those in our churches who are responsible for mercy ministries. There are great needs at this time and we have many opportunities to show the love of Christ. Pray for wisdom, resources and the love of Christ to shine through His church.

Have Mercy on Our Families
Many people live on their own, which can be especially trying in a time of lockdown. Pray that the Lord would set the solitary in families, and that the family of God’s church would be a family to all within it.


From Pastor Wayne Alcorn, National President of Australian Christian Churches

Lord, we come in our time of need.
We come as Your people, and ask You on behalf of our nation, to have mercy.
Have mercy on our leaders in Government; whether State or Federal.
Have mercy on those who are suffering through illness.
Have mercy on those who are struggling with mental health issues in this season.
Have mercy on those experiencing financial hardship.
Have mercy on leaders in local churches and denominations.
Have mercy on Your church, as we seek to present Your life and love to a hurting nation.
In all things, we give You praise and honour, for You are God, and You are good.
Lord, have mercy!

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