We can praise the Lord because He bends down and listens to our cries for mercy.


“I love the Lord, for He heard my voice; He heard my cry for mercy.”—Psalm 116:1


Psalm 116 is a song about death—about how the cords of death can entangle us. It is also a song of deliverance from death. It reminds us that Christ has defeated death and so we can “lift up the cup of salvation” and praise the Lord in the midst of His people.

Jesus Have Mercy
“His mercy extends to those who feat him, from generation to generation,” we read in Luke 1:50. These words are from Mary’s song, where we are reminded that the Lord’s mercy extends to the poor and to the humble. And that mercy was seen in the greatest gift of all—Jesus Christ.

Have Mercy on Australia
Today we pray for Tasmania. Tasmania has only had 235 cases and 13 deaths. There have been no new cases or deaths for months. The advantage of being an island off the coast of an island is being shown. Pray for the continued protection of the people there.

Have Mercy on the World
Today we pray for two of the largest nations of the world, and two of the most affected by the virus. In India there have been around 33 million reported cases and 434,000 deaths of people with Covid-19. These figures are believed to be underestimates. Give thanks that the rise in case numbers has declined considerably in recent months. Over 550 million doses of the vaccine have been given in India, or 41 per 100 people. Brazil has seen over 21 million cases and over 570,000 deaths. Over 168 million doses have been given, or 81 per 100 people.


Have Mercy on Your Church
It is likely that the finances of churches and Christian organisations will be greatly impacted by the pandemic. Pray for the Lord’s provision and for those who have financial responsibilities within the church.

Have Mercy on Our Families
At a time of crisis it is good for us to remember to ‘gossip the Gospel’ within our own homes. May our homes be centres of the Good News for those outside who come into contact with us.


From Archbishop Anthony Fisher, Catholic Archbishop of Sydney

We pray at this time for all affected by the coronavirus:
for the dead and the grieving, the sick and the dying;
for the elderly and the vulnerable, the isolated and the anxious;
for those caring for them, our health professionals and pastors;
for those still at work, working from home, or out of work;
for our leaders and health authorities;
for those deprived of family contact or social life
for our loved ones and ourselves.

As we are faced with uncertainty and fear, we need the wisdom and compassion of Your Son now more than ever. Help us to ‘let go and let God’, to give our lives into Your hands. Heavenly Father, grant us a safe passage through these troubled times in the company of Your Son. “Come with me,” Jesus says to us, “Rise up to everlasting life and love!”

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