Day 10: The Church is Different


The Church should be different to the world around her


“I am truly his rose, the very theme of His song,

I’m overshadowed by His love, growing in the valley!

The Shepherd King:

Yes, you are my darling companion.

You stand out from all the rest,

For though the curse of sin surrounds you, still you remain as pure as a lily,

even more than all the others.” Song of Solomon 2:1-2 (TPT)


I believe the Lord wants to encourage us, the body of Christ in Australia, that as His beloved, we do stand out from all the rest. We stand out to Him and as His beloved companions we stand out because of Him.

We are different because we know Him. We are His beloved, His bride. We have been made clean. We have found His love and forgiveness. We are members of His family, and we have been given His Holy Spirit as a seal that we belong to Him and equips us to stand out and make a difference.

Yes, we are surrounded by the curse of sin and very obviously the current curse of the pandemic.

Yet, as ones touched by love, we rise and shine for our light has come! We ’let our light shine’ as His love compels us to stand out from the rest and calls us to stand out from the rest.

We stand out in our response and our behaviour, impassioned by our love for Him.

He is calling us to stand out and respond differently to the world that is in fear, turmoil, rebellion, strife and loss.

He is calling us to stand out with peace that passes understanding, with joy unspeakable and full of glory, with abundant provision because of His faithful care, with overflowing freedom although confined in our houses.

We stand out as we choose life. We choose to speak words of goodness and liberty.

We choose to believe and let our light shine in the midst of the darkness.

We choose to release blessing. We release Christ’s overcoming power and love to those around us.

We release the knowledge of the goodness of God in every situation we find ourselves in through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Although the enemy has pressed us on every side, let’s rise as the people of God and see our nation revive in the love and demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit.



Lord, thank you that you have made us to stand out by giving us the solution to the issues that we are surrounded by. 

Lord, thank you that you have made us overcomers in this life and crowed us with love and mercy.

We pray for our nation and we declare that the goodness of God will be seen as we the people of God stand to release the love and overcoming power of Jesus across this land.

We choose to speak life, truth, peace, joy, favour and blessing to our neighbours.

We release the blessing of the love of the Father, the joy of the Lord, peace that passes all understanding, health and abundance to all as we go about our daily lives.

We declare the life and light of Christ is rising throughout this nation.

I declare the abundant life of Christ is being displayed through My life.


31 Days Prayer Points

  1. Pray for the restoration of FAMILY, FATHERHOOD and MOTHERHOOD in our nation. Malachi 4:6
  2. Pray for healing for MARRIAGES, protection for CHILDREN and restoration of the sanctity of LIFE. Isaiah 58:12
  3. Pray for Revival, Renewal and Reformation for Australia, that our nation might return to God. 2 Chronicles 7:14

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Bruce and Cheryl are passionate about loving God, hosting revival, and helping the body of Christ live the kingdom of God here on earth. Their desire is to bless God's kingdom by bringing personal restoration, establishing Fire Houses of Prayer around the Pacific Rim nations, sending out Apostolic and Prophetic teams to the nations, and equipping the body of Christ for the transformation of society!  They lead the Australian Apostolic Restore Community (AARC) that hosts conferences and international speakers, mission trips, and provides a network for apostolic ministries.

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