New South Wales has a new premier. Dominic Perrottet was voted in by his party to replace Gladys Berijiklian who is undergoing a corruption investigation.

Criticism of Dominic Perrottet

The new premier has since been both criticized and praised by commentators because of his open Catholic faith and conservative values, and he has just announced he is expecting his seventh child with his wife, Helen.

Invariably, scrutiny comes with public life, and the residents of NSW deserve to know where he stands on important issues that affect their daily lives.

An important question to pose to the new premier is “What is a woman?” It is a question that I have asked all state and federal leaders, along with all state and federal Ministers for Women.

So far, not one has been able to define the terms man or woman according to biological reality.

Some have ignored the question while most state, “anyone who identifies as a woman is a woman”.

The same goes for men.

It is a ludicrous statement that makes no sense.

How can you identify as something if it is not defined?

How can a woman have a penis?

Can men really get pregnant?

Is being a woman just an emotion?

What exactly does it ‘feel’ like to be a woman?

There have been no reasonable answers from our politicians – the ones who create, and change, the legislation we all have to live by.

The Sex Discrimination Act No Longer Refers to a Person’s Sex

We have traced one of the main reasons for this bizarre denial of reality and science to the Sex Discrimination Act.

References to men and women/male and female were removed from the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 several years ago. Yes, you read that correctly. The sex discrimination act no longer refers to a person’s sex!

The definitions of man and woman were repealed in subsection 4(1) of the 2013 amendments.

Now, the only references to male or female are to describe someone who is not fully male or female, but there is no definition of who or what male or female means.

It says, “Intersex status means the status of having physical, hormonal or genetic features that are:

(a) neither wholly female nor wholly male; or

(b) a combination of female and male; or

(c) neither female nor male.”

That’s it!

If sex is not referred to in the Sex Discrimination Act how can we defend and promote sex-based rights?

If sex, that is male or female, is not referred to how do we know discrimination has or has not occurred?

There are no other sexes.

Sex is binary. Male or female. No third sex, or any other number for that matter, has ever been scientifically proven.

There is intersex, which is a combination of male and female sex characteristics, but it is not a third sex.

The Way God Designed It

The Bible states this scientific truth from the outset.

“So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” Genesis 1:27

God made us in His image to express His glorious attributes. The expression of male and female are almost as limitless as He is.

In addition to our biological sex, He gave us personalities and preferences and countless ways to express His magnificent glory.

Males and females come together to create families. Males and females complement each other and reflect the complexity and beauty of God himself.

Males and females are distinctly unique while being wonderfully complementary to one another. Humans are either male or female – but both are valued in the same way to our creator and saviour.

Our sex is written on every single cell in our bodies. Our sex is evidenced in our chromosomes, gamete production, hormone production, and reproductive systems. Our sex is the essence of our very being.

No one on earth has ever changed their sex. It is impossible to do so.

No amount of amendments to the law can change this fact. But those amendments can do untold harm to our children and to social cohesion in our society.

Women and children suffer the most with males now allowed access to women’s sport, service and private spaces.

Bad laws must be challenged by good people.

Which side will the new Premier choose?

Will he stand for Biblical truth that is evidenced by science, or will he capitulate to a radical, political ideology that must be challenged and overturned for the sake of our children?


Image by The Australia.