It’s truly heartbreaking to witness these endless crimes against humanity. The health devastation caused by incessant lockdowns with communities breaking down, social isolation and division, families and friends torn apart, neighbours dobbing on neighbours, mandated COVID vaccinations, employers versus employees and economic catastrophe.

However, the saddest thing of all, is that we could have nullified this human tragedy. All this — lockdowns, mask-wearing, mass PCR testing — could have been avoided by simply treating COVID in its early stages.

This approach was exemplified by Uttar Pradesh (an Indian province with a population of 240 million). At the time of writing, Uttar Pradesh has almost achieved the entire eradication of COVID by using a simple triple therapy/ivermectin programme. Nonetheless, this fact is being totally ignored by global mainstream media.

A Contrast Between Uttar Pradesh and Kerala

Uttar Pradesh, in the north of India, used contact tracing and handed out kits containing Ivermectin/Zinc/Doxycycline to combat COVID-19. In contrast, Kerala, a state in the south, chose the recommended World Health Organisation (WHO) route.


Here are the results:

Uttar Pradesh’s early Triple Therapy/Ivermectin-based approach: 1 average COVID death per day (statistics were taken between 26/9/21-8/10/21 and are from a population of 240 million people).

On the other hand, Kerala’s WHO-based policy to not use Ivermectin: 132 average COVID deaths per day (statistics were taken between 26/9/21-8/10.21 from a population of 35 million).

In short, Uttar Pradesh’s efforts of tackling the virus (using Ivermectin heavily) have been over four-hundred-thousand times more effective than Kerala’s approach.

This would be the biggest control study in the history of the world.

At the time, only five per cent of Uttar Pradesh’s population was vaccinated. In contrast, Kerala, a wealthier state, had 20% of its population vaccinated and had taken the advice from the WHO to not use Ivermectin.

How Has the West Responded?

This is the biggest control trial ever in the history of the world; however, the pharmaceutical companies, Western Governments and mainstream media have suppressed the information.

Moreover, there is still an elitist class of scientists advising governments that double-blind peer-reviewed studies — the majority of which have massive conflicts of interest with their research funding — are the only valid form of research.

Further, few of these scientists have any experience working on the frontline with patients.

Despite all the negative media, the reality is that Ivermectin is a Noble prize-winning, effective and inexpensive medication that has been used 3.8 billion times around the world with a safety record second to none.

Nevertheless, all this is being ignored, with the mainstream media lauding Mercks’ new antiviral Molnupiravir, which comes in at 100 times the cost of Ivermectin, has zero long-term safety data and cannot possibly surpass the success or safety of Ivermectin as seen in Uttar Pradesh at this stage.

In contrast to Ivermectin, Molnupiravir works by causing so many mutations to the COVID virus that it dies. But the question needs to be asked: what is the risk to the patient? Furthermore, what is the risk of the virus adapting to create yet another new strain?

Moreover, the product information discloses that it is not recommended for females of childbearing age and all those who are sexually active! Compared with the safety profile, effectiveness and cost of Ivermectin/Triple Therapy (as demonstrated in Uttar Pradesh), the use of Molnupiravir is simply insane. However, purely for political reasons, the government is willing to spend $300 million of Australian taxpayers money on it. Meanwhile, it allows the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) to ban General Practitioners from prescribing Ivermectin!

It is horrendous and heartbreaking to see patients in ICUs and dying, arguably because the TGA used its regulatory muscle to prevent doctors at the COVID-19 pandemic’s coalface from prescribing the one early therapy available that significantly reduces morbidity and mortality.

Australia’s Role in Developing Triple-Therapy

Ironically, the fact that Ivermectin — an anti-parasitic medication — showed anti-viral properties, was discovered in Melbourne and was further pioneered by Australia’s own world-renowned gastroenterologist Professor Thomas Borody. Borody repurposed Ivermectin into a triple therapy alongside zinc and doxycycline, producing a powerful anti-COVID treatment. He first brought this discovery to light 17 months ago, and, fortunately, it was recognised and used in India to save millions of lives.

In contrast (and as an indictment on our own medical profession and governments), Australia did not rally around him when he first announced his discovery. Being the world’s foremost expert on triple therapy, he should have been given so much more respect and credit. Instead, Australia has heeded health bureaucrats with vested interests, other regular commentators, and mainstream epidemiologists whose modelling have been consistently and wildly off the mark.

And, for the final insult, we now have self-interested politicians and governments interfering in the sacrosanct doctor-patient relationship telling doctors how we should and shouldn’t practice medicine!

Without question, Australia has had the most enviable of living standards, and a well-respected health system. We could realistically have been a Western version of Uttar Pradesh and been lauded as a shining global example of how to manage Covid.

Alas, that chance has been devastated; we have done the complete opposite.

Our zealous and draconian policies are destroying our wonderful country. Now, we are famous for having the longest lockdown in the world, the most draconian restrictions and the greatest police brutality.

What would it cost to replicate the successes of Uttar Pradesh in Australia?

Financially, very little. Politically, the cost would be huge.


Will our governments have the courage, leadership and integrity to save lives by following Uttar Pradesh’s example? Or will they continue with their self-interested agendas, allowing more and more people to suffer and die?

The TGA’s recent use of its regulatory muscle to prevent doctors at the COVID-19 pandemic’s coalface from prescribing ivermectin is utterly inexcusable. Early Triple Therapy/Ivermectin is the one therapy available that is safe, cheap and which significantly reduces morbidity and mortality.

This poorly conceived action threatens the high standards of medical practice we have achieved in Australia and the credibility of the administrative structure within which medicine operates. In the longer term, it means that bureaucrats can change the way medicine is practised for whatever reason without accountability to the medical community.

At a minimum, they should immediately let doctors prescribe early treatment with Triple Therapy/Ivermectin. This action will save lives.

It is time to lead with hope, not fear, and to end this insanity!


Personal Message from author Dr Guy Campbell:

For the first time in thirty-five years, I feel threatened because if I want to continue to practice medicine to the best of my abilities by wisely using the best of the science possible with both vaccinations and early triple therapy, I potentially face deregistration. This is causing immense stress on my family, my work colleagues, my patients, and myself. I am privileged to both be privy to Professor Thomas Borody’s work and to have a highly academic team of Professors in support. It would have been morally wrong for me not to speak up.


Photo by cottonbro from Pexels.