Unethical vaccine mandates are forcing the hands of many Australians, and troubling the consciences of many more. The following advice may help you make the best decision you can in your circumstances.

Hundreds of thousands of Australians have been cornered by vaccine mandates. Maybe you are one of those forced to chose between your medical autonomy and the freedoms you were born with — such as freedom of movement and assembly, or the right to work and feed your family.

You are not alone. What follows is some words of advice for those being vaccinated under duress. It is based on wise counsel I recently read from an Australian medical doctor whose is unable to speak freely on this issue but has a heart for those impacted by unjust vaccine mandates.

Reasons to Accept and Decline Vaccination

Ideally, any medical treatment we choose to undergo should be embraced on the basis of its health benefits, not in order to access human rights that are being withheld from us. But times have changed in Australia — at least temporarily.

If your conscience is torn up over these vaccine mandates, consider a list of valid reasons for you to choose to be vaccinated, and a list of valid reasons to decline vaccination. Though some of the reasons on these two lists may appear to contradict, the point is that a person’s conscience must be free to choose either.

Valid reasons to get vaccinated:

  • To reduce your chances of getting very unwell, if you consider yourself vulnerable.
  • To minimise the likelihood of transmitting to other people.
  • In order to exercise an important duty which the government is illegitimately obstructing you from performing unless you submit to their demands, for instance, earning a living, visiting your family across borders, visiting a loved one in hospital or care, attending a close friend’s wedding or funeral, or anything else that makes it worth it for you.

Valid reasons to decline vaccination:

  • Moral concerns about the development of vaccines using cells from aborted babies.
  • Not yet feeling confident about the vaccines.
  • Not feeling fearful of the virus.
  • Taking a moral stand against coercion, bullying, mob rule, government overreach, tyranny or segregation.
  • Wishing to identify with a disadvantaged, oppressed minority.
  • A significant sense of unease that you just cannot shake, no matter how hard you try, even if you can’t fully articulate it.
  • Any other reason that is important to you.

It’s Your Conscience and Your Decision

Some people will feel strongly that they cannot take the vaccine under any circumstance. Others will feel they have no choice but to take it. The decision is yours alone to make, in consultation with your family and a health professional whom you trust.

Do not feel obliged to justify your decision to anybody else. Don’t let anyone gaslight you with the assertion that this is a clear-cut, black-and-white decision. It is nobody’s place to judge you for what you decide.

Given the complexity of the issues, it is okay to feel an ongoing ambivalence, even after making a decision. Don’t let the ambivalence consume you. You’ve made a decision; you need to live with it and move on.

On the other hand, do not dismiss and bury the issue. The simple fact is that vaccine mandates are not going away anytime soon, and the next challenge will be just around the corner, for instance, a mandate for your children, or for boosters.

For Those Getting Vaccinated To Save Their Job

You may be feeling troubled about the decision to get vaccinated simply in order to save your job. Here are five points of advice if this is you:

1. Providing food, housing and clothing for your children is a godly and righteous thing. You are doing something honourable before God in safeguarding your ability to provide for the children He has given you, even if the action you need to take is tainted.

2. Bring a written and signed statement with you, to the effect, “I do not consent medically to this procedure. I am only proceeding with it under duress, in order to save my livelihood.” Make sure the statement is given to the clinic you attend and put on file. You can ask the individual who performs the procedure on you to read it aloud before they proceed. The agents of the State who are about to perpetrate this act upon you must be made to clearly understand the (un)ethics of their action; and your lack of proper consent can and should be documented.

3. Ensure you keep and save the letter from your employer which instructs you to have the procedure and threatens you with dismissal if you fail to comply. To be legally useful (e.g. in civil liabilities proceedings), this letter must pre-date the date of the procedure, and address you specifically by name.

4. Do not consider that you’ve “lost” and can no longer resist this tyranny. Use your vaccine passport only with your employer. You can choose not use it to enter any restaurant, cinema, gym, shopping centre, or church which requests it. You may continue to resist the segregation; in fact you have now become very powerful: think of a white person deliberately sitting in the “coloured” section of a bus during Jim Crow. You can now be that person.

5. God sees what is happening. He is merciful, and He keeps a perfect record of all injustices that occur in this world. Do not let your spirit be crushed. He will one day call to account those who are behind this.

Image by CDC at Unsplash.