God's Not Dead

‘God’s Not Dead: We the People’ a Must-See Movie

3 November 2021

1.9 MINS

Encouraging Christians to let their faith shape the political realm, God’s Not Dead: We the People is an inspiring movie about religious freedom that every Australian Christian should see.

No doubt you’ve seen some inspiring Christian movies over the years. Our personal favourite is ‘Amazing Grace’ — the story of William Wilberforce’s campaign to end slavery in the British Empire.

We don’t often profile Christian films, but we felt a special need to draw your attention to God’s Not Dead: We the People, released last month. The message of the film shares a broad overlap with the vision of the Canberra Declaration — to let our faith and Christian values influence public policy in the defence and protection of religious freedom and the family.

The Battle Over Religious Education

As the fourth film in the God’s Not Dead franchise, We the People follows the story of Reverend Dave Hill, who is called upon to defend a group of Christian homeschooling families. Local officials have threatened to issue exorbitant fines and break up the homeschooling co-op for its insistence on educating children with a biblical worldview.

Events ramp up when Hill and his associates are called upon to testify at a landmark congressional hearing in Washington, DC. The outcome of the hearing will help determine the future of religious freedom and education — not just in their home state but across the United States.


Commendably, the film examines the topic of religious freedom from many angles. Several supporting characters are first-generation migrants to America who understand and appreciate the nation’s history more than those who are native-born. The film also highlights the fact that Christians make up only a portion of all homeschooling families; in other words, choice in education affects all of society, not just religious people.

A Film Absolutely Worth Watching

God’s Not Dead shines the light on some of the toxic content being taught in mainstream schools — ideas that undermine love for family, faith, history and nation. This is an issue that deeply affects Australia too (see here). It also exposes the decay of Western democracy, in which grassroots activism is needed to see democracy restored in the face of entrenched two-party power.

I (Kurt) am hard to impress when it comes to Christian films that operate with small budgets. And I must confess that some of the dialogue in We the People and the predictability of certain characters and plot lines reduced the overall impact of the film for me.

Despite this, Warwick and I agree that this film is absolutely worth watching. Considering its limited budget, this film is excellent and we wholeheartedly endorse it to you as encouragement in the battle we are fighting in Australia. Also, it currently has an audience rating of 100% at the film review site Rotten Tomatoes after hundreds of reviews.

Make sure you see God’s Not Dead: We the People this week while it is still showing in the virtual cinema.


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