Adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine are increasingly common. Watch this interview with Federal Senator Gerard Rennick about his ultimatum to Scott Morrison to revoke the mandates.

What kind of government forces you to choose between having a vaccine or losing your job? Or makes you pay for your own complicated, ongoing medical care when you’ve become severely debilitated after following their demands? Or that silences you when you report a vaccine injury and then instructs you to get another injection anyway?

The Australian Government does. No, this is not scaremongering or the ravings of a wild ‘anti-vaxxer’. It is all true.

Queensland LNP Senator Gerard Rennick was last week interviewed by Monica Smit from Reignite Democracy Australia. He expressed his shock at the number of stories that have been told to him by people with severe, debilitating reactions to the vaccines. Among these reactions are paralysis, stroke and blood clots in a 19-year-old. His shock has recently turned to dismay as he has been unable to find a journalist who will report the truth.


Journalists are told they may not speak ill of the vaccines, so Senator Rennick has not only decided to compile the reports himself: he has courageously given the Prime Minister an ultimatum. His ultimatum, simply, is be reasonable or lose my vote.

Those of a similar mind are upset for at least four reasons. Australians have been locked down; we are being coerced to participate in a vaccine that is still being reviewed on a rolling basis; journalists are not investigating; and the government is engaging in vast overreach.

Our annoyance must turn to heartbreak and outrage as we hear story after disturbing story of adverse reactions to the vaccines. These stories are no longer “rare”. We must be appalled at a government that has silenced the medical profession through AHPRA, and that continues to ignore vaccine injuries.

As health minister Greg Hunt has said, we are involved in “the largest global vaccination trial ever”. Shouldn’t all this data be collected and analysed and lead to change, not silence?

We are required to give informed consent. Wouldn’t that require gathering, reporting and responding to this vital information? At the very least, these injuries are not reported openly. At worst, they are being hidden.

Perhaps I blinked and missed an update. The last time I looked at the data, children were not at any significant risk of COVID-19. Suddenly, they’re not only being told to wear masks – even outside, even in primary schools – they are being “strongly encouraged” to have the vaccine that is still under review.

Just last month, a 14-year-old girl – a beautiful, healthy Australian teenager – who statistically had near-zero chance of dying of COVID-19, is now dead as a result of a vaccine.

Is the “safe and effective” chant still accurate? COVID-19 vaccines don’t stop infection or transmission, and they don’t last long – so that rules out “effective”. And they are glaringly not safe for numerous people, even though talking about adverse reactions is suppressed.

As an Australian, if I get the jab and suffer an injury, I will incur out-of-pocket medical costs of up to $4,999. If the Prime Minister doesn’t listen to Gerard Rennick, I could become very unwell and be unable to work.

It’s time Australia woke up.