Senator Rennick has written a second open letter to the Prime Minister, this time asking that Australia’s child vaccination program be halted. His letter follows the death of a teenage girl with suspected links to the Moderna vaccine.

Queensland Senator Gerard Rennick this week wrote to Prime Minister Scott Morrison asking him to immediately halt Australia’s child COVID-19 vaccination program after the death of a 14-year-old girl was reported to the TGA last month.

The teenager’s death, which has suspected links to the Moderna (Spikevax) vaccine, was reported to the TGA’s Database of Adverse Event Notifications (DAEN) on the 20th of October.

Senator Rennick

Senator Rennick published a copy of his letter to the Prime Minister on his Facebook page, noting that the media was yet to cover the story.

An Appeal to the Precautionary Principle

“I have written to the Prime Minister asking that the vaccine rollout for children stop immediately,” Rennick wrote. The Senator explained that state Premiers have used the ‘precautionary principle’ to shut borders, impose lockdowns and keep children out of schools.

“If the precautionary principle can be used for COVID then why can’t it be applied in regards to vaccines, especially when it comes to our children,” he asked.

Rennick queried why Australia has approved the Moderna vaccine for children when the United States, Sweden and Denmark have opted not to due to safety concerns.

“It is also worth noting that all Covid vaccines are still undergoing longitudinal studies, of which the data from those studies is still being reviewed on a rolling basis by the TGA,” he wrote.

COVID-19 Poses Low Risk to Children

The Queensland Senator also questioned the risk-benefit calculations being made by Australian authorities, given that children are at comparatively low risk of suffering from complications due to the virus. He noted:

Over 50,000 children have caught Covid in Australia and not one has died directly from the disease. This evidence is supported by the fact [that] children have fewer angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) receptors, to which the SARS-CoV-2 attaches, and as a result are at the lowest risk of a severe outcome from COVID-19.

Senator Rennick

Rennick concluded his letter by asking that “the Australian Government join those countries in pulling not just Moderna, but all vaccines from circulation for those under 18”.

This is the second open letter Senator Rennick has sent to the Prime Minister about the COVID-19 vaccines in recent weeks. Last month, Rennick promised to withhold his vote with the Coalition for any legislation in the Senate until compensation for victims of adverse events is improved, and state borders are reopened.

The Prime Minister is yet to respond to either letter publicly.

Image via the Geelong Advertiser.