Australian pro-life group Cherish Life Queensland opposes vaccine mandates. Vaccination must be left to individual choice, they say, since Covid-19 vaccines rely on cell lines derived from aborted foetal tissue.

We have been asked our position on the Covid-19 vaccines many times over the previous months. To date we have refrained from commenting publicly as much of this year our focus has been on opposing the government’s euthanasia/assisted suicide legislation, and vaccine debates have historically been outside of Cherish Life Queensland’s field of activity.

However, now that the Covid-19 vaccine is being mandated by some governments, businesses and industries, we feel compelled to make the public statement below.

In doing so, we acknowledge that there may be a wide range of views on this topic amongst Cherish Life supporters and many may have already received the vaccines. We make no subjective judgement whatsoever, as this should be a free decision.

Importantly, our statement does not try to influence people’s individual decisions on the Covid-19 vaccine, we understand that taking or abstaining from the Covid-19 vaccine is a highly personal, and at times, complex decision.

Cherish Life Queensland’s Statement of Opposition to Covid-19 Mandates

Cherish Life Queensland notes that some vaccines, including those currently available in Australia for Covid-19, are manufactured from and/or tested on cell lines that have been derived from aborted foetal tissue. Because human life has intrinsic value from conception until natural death, it is unacceptable that foetal tissue from aborted babies is used to produce a medical product, even though the medical product may provide some degree of protection from an illness.

As a result of current state and federal government directives, many pro-life people are presented with a moral dilemma. Some people are distressed to find that due to government and even some business measures they are obliged to either get a Covid vaccine against their conscience, or face loss of certain basic rights, even the loss of employment in some cases. This is unacceptable.

According to all codes of medical ethics, any procedure or treatment including vaccinations must be done only after obtaining free and informed consent from the recipient. Being presented with coercion, such as loss of employment or other basic rights, is hardly free or informed consent.

Thus we call on state and federal governments and medical regulators in Australia to support the introduction of ethical vaccines that are not derived from cell lines originating from foetal tissue from aborted babies. Our concern applies, but is not limited, to the current vaccines for Covid-19 which have been approved in Australia.

Further, we call for all mandates relating to Covid-19 vaccines to be removed in order to allow all citizens to have a genuine free and informed consent in this most important matter.

Originally published at Cherish Life Queensland. Image by Frank Alarcon at Unsplash.