Redefining pedophiles as “minor attracted persons” is the next big step towards normalising sex with children. One U.S. professor recently tried this – and fortunately, was put on leave by his university.

Old Dominion University placed Dr. Allyn Walker, asst. professor of sociology and criminal justice, on leave following a November 8 interview in which he stated that people can be sexually attracted to children (he called them “minor-attracted persons”) without acting on the desire. This echoes the argument in his book, A Long Dark Shadow: Minor Attracted People and Their Pursuit of Dignity.

Ruth Institute President, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D., defended the university’s decision, adding of the situation:

I am saddened but not surprised. My research has convinced me that pedophilia has been an integral part of the Sexual Revolution from the beginning. In my interview with political scientist Scott Yenor on the Dr. J Show, we discussed the idea that Sexual Revolutionaries wanted to remove all sexual taboos, including the one against children having sex. Advocates such as Alfred Kinsey, Kate Millet and Shulamith Firestone all believed that children were entitled to sexual activity.

“To be fair, I don’t think they were pedophiles themselves,” she added. “But once they redefined the meaning of the sexual act to be something sterile and recreational, rather than fruitful and socially significant, they had to redefine childhood.” Morse continued:

In my interview with Dr. Carl Truemann, we discussed Wilhelm Reich’s belief that the world should be reorganized to allow children to have sex. No one has adequately confronted the lies and misperceptions of these pioneers of the Sexual Revolution. So, decades later, here we are, with university professors seeking to normalize those who are sexually attracted to minors; to normalize pedophilia.

I’ve talked to numerous people who were sexually abused during their childhood. I have yet to encounter a single one who said, ‘Oh, gosh, it didn’t bother me. All the adults around me were ok with it, so I was ok with it.’ No. Those now-adult children testify that they knew from the beginning that it was painful and wrong.

Morse concluded: “You begin by normalizing the attraction and end by normalizing the act. It’s like someone who says: ‘I have rape fantasies. I know that acting on them would be wrong, but don’t stigmatize me just for having these feelings.’ Let’s be clear: there is absolutely no need to normalize pedophilia.”

Originally published at the Ruth Institute. Image via Meaww.