Power of Prayer

How ‘Power of Prayer’ Helped Me Share the Gospel With My Carer

10 January 2022

2.4 MINS

Thousands of Australians are reading ‘Power of Prayer’. Many have commented on how useful it is as an evangelistic tool. Read Mark’s story about the open door God gave him to share the gospel with his carer through ‘Power of Prayer’.

I wanted to encourage everyone about their creative use of Canberra Declaration’s new book, Power of Prayer, in ministry.

People are scared at present, and people are angry — but people are open. There is much uncertainty due to the presence of the omicron variant, vaccine mandates, and QR code registration wherever you go.

I was recently confronted by several of my carers getting caught up in the vaccine mandate drama. Fortunately, one of my carers agreed to read Power of Prayer to me.

A Wide Open Door for the Gospel

I woke up one morning to what unexplainably looked like a dove with wings cropped close beside its body appearing on the ceiling above my bed. Several days later, the wings actually opened up into flight.

I was convicted to share Christ with this carer — this was their day! So while I was out doing my regular exercise, I set the exercise bike to automatic peddling while I shared the gospel with this carer.

As I came to a close, I remembered the words of Greg Laurie (who you may have heard on Vision Radio). Laurie says that when we share the gospel with someone, we often choke. But it’s a matter of “just popping the question” — “Would you like to accept Christ now?” You may be surprised, says Laurie, when they answer, “Yes”.

So after preparing the soil with my stories of answers to prayer, and having presented the gospel, I asked my carer this question. I was surprised (not really) to hear, “Yes, but what do I do now?” Thus my mentoring begins.

A Sad Farewell But Seeds Faithfully Sown

A few days later, one dove multiplied into three doves, and things turned into colour. We had been trying to discern how we could ethically work around the new vaccine employment rules. I woke up to find a big red dot in front of the middle dove. We understood this as a definite “no” to our plans!

I lay in bed crying because I knew what this meant — my carer would have to leave. However, I was able to give a “farewell” copy of this book and a specific blessing to her. I trust and believe for the outcome — a situation of watering the message.

Her son is a Christian going to a Bible-believing church. What happens to that planted seed we may not know this side of heaven, but we are told to make disciples. This may involve planting the seed, watering it, reaping it, or even tending the young sprouts. We leave that up to the Holy Spirit, who knows best. We just need to be bold when the opportunity presents itself!

The Many Uses for ‘Power of Prayer’

You may not receive such an anointed prompting or such obvious opportunities to spread the gospel. But can I recommend and encourage you to use Power of Prayer to soften hard ground (sort of like adding water) and to increase curiosity before presenting the gospel.

The book can also be useful to fertilise old and mature faiths. I have been able to pass copies onto my mother (a widow of around seven years) who works with other widows, and also my church pastor and my ordained brother. Who knows what illustrations and examples of mountain-moving answers to prayer may be given to untold numbers of people?

Whether watering, fertilising, planting, or preparing for reaping, to God be the glory! May He use the book — and each one of us — to achieve the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20!

Get your free copy of Power of Prayer here.


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  1. Kaylene Emery 11 January 2022 at 9:10 pm - Reply

    Do you have a link for purchasing the book please ? I know it is somewhere but I cant find it.

  2. Pearl Miller 13 January 2022 at 10:56 am - Reply

    Great article Mark! God bless you brother! May the Lord supply you with more wonderful Carers that you can witness too. Keep up the good work!

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