Our Culture Grooms Youth for Abuse

13 January 2022

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Since the Sexual Revolution, Western pop culture has saturated society with material that grooms our children for sexual abuse.

Regarding Ghislaine Maxwell, convicted of sex trafficking and grooming minors for sexual abuse, Ruth Institute President Dr Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D., said,

“The Maxwell case isn’t just about a depraved woman and her equally depraved partner and lover, Jeffrey Epstein. He is dead, and Maxwell will likely spend the rest of her life in prison. The real story here is that our culture sets up young women for abuse. Every day, in so many ways, our culture grooms minors for sexual exploitation.”

“As an ally of the Sexual Revolution, the culture takes every opportunity to convince youth that casual sex is natural, healthy, and risk-free, and those who oppose it are uptight Victorians.”

“Through public education, entertainment media, Drag Queen Story Hour, movies like ‘Cuties‘, and even half-time Super Bowl shows, there’s a steady drumbeat. Behaviour that can only be described as indecent or aberrant is offered to minors as a natural part of life.”

Mainstream Entertainment

Fr Mark Hodges, an Orthodox priest and producer of the Ruth Institute’s Dr. J Show, criticised the 2021 Super Bowl half-time show for including “a series of bumps and grinds, which offered flashes of crotch, and brazenly featured the performers’ buttocks.”

The objective, said Morse, was “convincing prospective victims that overtly sexual displays are normal and empowering, and so, softening up victims to ‘consent’ to illicit sex more readily. These are the hallmarks of sexual grooming.”

In other words, our culture grooms youth for abuse.

Public School Libraries

In September, the Institute decried an attempt to silence a mother who appeared before the Fairfax, Virginia School Board to complain about books promoting gay sex in school libraries. Morse noted:

“The passages Stacy Langton tried to read push pedophilia. They include oral and anal sex acts, some with minors.”


Big Tech also shares the blame. In 2019, Twitter changed its rules to allow discussions by individuals who are sexually attracted to minors, “provided they don’t promote or glorify child sexual exploitation in any way.” Morse noted,

“To believe those who are sexually attracted to minors can discuss their attraction without promoting or glorifying it is beyond naive.”

Prominent Abusers

Morse concluded:

“The case of Jeffrey Epstein (who died in prison under mysterious circumstances) shows that there are rich and powerful people who want to have sex with children. The culture grooms youth for abuse. They’re more likely to be victimised.”


Originally published at The Ruth Institute. Photo by Tim Samuel from Pexels.


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