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‘No Science Behind it At All’: NSW Premier’s Shock Admission on QR Codes

15 March 2022

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Political leaders are now admitting that they weren’t always “following the science” on Covid policy. In some cases, they were simply satiating public fear created by a dishonest media.

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has sensationally admitted that QR codes were reintroduced around the state in response to a media fear campaign, and that the decision had “no science behind it at all’. Authorities “weren’t even tracking and tracing” when the system was brought back in, the Premier said.

In the same speech, Perrottet revealed that rapid antigen tests (RATs) were likewise provided to NSW schools even though NSW Health ‘completely disagreed’ with the decision to do so. The sole reason for providing the RATs, according to Perrottet, was to give parents and schools peace of mind.

Perrottet’s Sensational QR Code Admission

Both admissions were made by the leader of Australia’s most populous state during the recent NSW State of the State 2022 meeting, hosted by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia.

Perrottet explained that both decisions were examples of how he and Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews had coordinated their COVID-19 response amidst unwarranted levels of public fear created by the national press. Regarding the statewide venue check-in apparatus, Perrottet said:

The most ironic one I thought was that we ended up bringing QR codes back when we weren’t even tracking and tracing. There was no science behind it at all. It had zero utility.

But there was a massive campaign [in the media], and when those massive campaigns get run, what it does is it depletes confidence, and that kind of reporting as we’ve seen over this period of time, has depleted confidence in our people. So we actually brought it back for one reason only, to instil confidence so that people would go out using QR codes.

On Rapid Antigen Tests for Schools

Later in the speech, Perrottet explained the unscientific basis for the provision of rapid antigen tests for schools:

When we announced schools going back, the media would rush to find the scariest epidemiologist who was out there saying every child across New South Wales would die.

That was a problem because we have to instil confidence. So, what did we do together? We agreed that we’d go and get all these rapid antigen tests, which was a massive feat. I mean, we procured million of these tests, and had the plan together, and distributed them before school started to 3,000 schools across our state and 5,000 child care and early childhood education centres…

Health completely disagreed with this approach, by the way. They didn’t see the point of having surveillance testing, but education wanted it because we needed to, once again, instil confidence in our teachers and instil confidence in our parents that children would be safe at school.

Premier Dominic Perrottet’s full speech at the NSW State of the State 2022 meeting can be viewed below.

The Need for Truth-Telling and Accountability

By mid-2020, as more became known about COVID-19, many Australians began expressing dismay at the unjustified levels of public fear being fuelled by dishonest mainstream reporting on the pandemic. Sadly, rather than being taken seriously, these same Australians were regularly vilified as heartless and careless.

Now the truth comes to light.

Perrottet’s admissions this month reveal that Australia’s leaders were not always “following the science” when implementing some of the most fundamental public health measures we lived under. Rather, governments made decisions for psychological reasons, and in an environment of unprecedented public fear that simply did not align with reality.

Unless Australians are made aware of these facts, they are likely to fall for the next media scare campaign. The need for critical thinking, independent news and commentary, and accountability for our ‘expert class’ has never been greater.

Image by the Ararat Advertiser.


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