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A Doctor Speaks: Why I Am Refusing the COVID-19 Vaccination

25 April 2022

13.8 MINS

A Singaporean doctor gives well-considered reasons for declining vaccination against the coronavirus. He writes under a pen name to avoid repercussions for his employment.

By Dr Thomas Moore Rosario

For the past year, many have inquired as to the reasons why I have declined vaccination for COVID-19 despite the massive effort by the Singapore government to promote the vaccines, to the extent of providing them free of charge, first to healthcare workers and then to the public.

Recently, these efforts have resulted in a totalitarian vaccination mandate and the permission for employers to terminate unvaccinated employees without any liability, and the restriction of movement of the unvaccinated in public spaces.[1]

The majority of the vaccinations on offer are tainted by the use of aborted foetal cell lines either in the production or testing of the vaccine. Further, the haste in which these vaccines have been created, and the adverse reactions that they are causing give great cause for concerns as to whether the medical benefits of COVID-19 vaccination outweigh the risks of contracting the virus itself. This is particularly so in the demographic of the young and healthy adults, of which I am included.

As a Christian and a medical doctor who serves in the public healthcare sector, I cannot comply with the government’s unjust and unscientific demands. Given these circumstances as well as the nuance required in understanding my decisions, I have decided to attempt to explain my decision in this brief essay.

1. The Lack of Medical Necessity For COVID-19 Vaccination

A. COVID has a low infection fatality rate (IFR)

The IFR of COVID in general ranges from 0.00% to 1.63%.[2] Age stratification demonstrates a survival rate for my age range (30 to 39) to be 99.969%.[3] The vast majority of patients who develop COVID also have mild symptoms. Hence, it would appear that for young healthy individuals in my age range, the vast majority of patients who develop COVID will endure mild symptoms with a low risk of death.

B. Inefficacy of experimental vaccines to prevent COVID infection, severe COVID, and transmission of COVID.

There are over thirty studies that demonstrate the inefficacy of vaccinations in preventing COVID infections.[4]

Of note, data from Israel, one of the most highly vaccinated countries in the world, published their data for July 2021 which showed that despite having a 84.4% fully vaccinated population, 86% of their confirmed COVID cases were fully vaccinated.[5] Another group from UC Davis found “no significant difference in cycle threshold values between vaccinated and unvaccinated, asymptomatic and symptomatic groups infected with SARS-CoV-2 Delta.”[6]

A group in UC San Diego Health published a letter in the New England Journal of Medicine showing that despite having 87% of the hospital workforce vaccinated, 57.3% (130/227) workers tested positive for the Delta variant.[7] A group from Wisconsin also demonstrated that vaccinated individuals can also transmit the Delta variant to others.[8]

A CDC study also reported that the majority of patients (53%) who were admitted to hospitals for COVID-19 like illness were fully vaccinated.[9] It should be noted that hospitalisation for COVID-19 in the states and many other countries is solely for severe illness requiring oxygen or ICU care. This is in contrast to Singapore whereby, until September, all COVID-19 cases were admitted to hospital or to community care facilities.

Further, the vaccination does not provide protection against Omicron.[10],[11],[12] In fact, the data coming out of several countries suggest that the fully vaccinated are more likely to catch COVID.[13],[14]

C. Significant Adverse Effect Events and Lack of Long Term Safety Data

These experimental vaccines were also rushed through development, skipping many established safety processes along the way.[15] Where vaccines are typically developed over 10 years, with an accelerated process taking 5-8 years, the COVID vaccines were developed and pushed to market in the record time of 6 to 8 months, along with many other dubious practices in the trial, such as Pfizer unblinding its trial, and merging the control arm with the vaccine arm after 2 months. As such, the world has become unwittingly subject to an ongoing global phase 3 clinical trial, where the companies involved have indemnity to any consequences of the trial.

As a result, there is a lack of long-term safety data across all the vaccines. There has been an argument made that this is acceptable in view of the novel and emergent situation that this pandemic has brought about. However, given the IFR of COVID-19 is between 0.00% to 1.63% and it is <0.1% across all age groups under 70, it does not warrant the gravity necessary to trial experimental therapeutics upon the general public.

Further, there is a significant risk of severe and long-term adverse effects ranging from thromboembolic events, strokes, auto-immune disease, myocarditis, to death amongst previously young and healthy individuals. As of December 2021, 1,000,227 reports of adverse events have been reported to the US Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System.[16] 21,002 of those reports are deaths, a number that exponentially overshadows the total number of deaths reported to VAERS since its inception in 1980.[17] Deaths in VAERS are physician-reported, and stringent checks are done to ensure veracity. The FDA reported that VAERS events are under-reported by a factor of 10 to 100.[18]

In fact, the recent FOIA of Pfizer trial documents has shown that Pfizer has compiled a 9-page list of side effects of their vaccine.[19] Read that again. That isn’t 9 pages describing side effects — that is a 9-page list of reported side effects. This list totals 1,291 various side effects that were reported over 3 months from 1 Dec 2020 to 28 Feb 2021. These documents also revealed a shocking 1,223 fatalities in the first 3 months of vaccine roll-out. Some smarter people than I have analysed the data and extrapolated that this represents 10 deaths per million injections, or 22,775 deaths since the vaccine rollout.[20]

The incidence of myocarditis amongst youth taking the vaccines is also concerning. A recent analysis of British data demonstrated an increased incidence of myocarditis following COVID-19 vaccination. The most affected group were patients under 40 years of age, who had received two doses of the vaccine. Males were disproportionately affected.[21] A recent prospective study from the US published on a pre-print server has demonstrated a 1 in 2000 men aged 19-24 developed myocarditis following their second mRNA shot.[22]

Myocarditis is a serious disease with long-lasting consequences. 1 in 2 patients with myocarditis will have permanent heart failure,[23] with a 1 in 5 risk of mortality within 6.5 years.[24] Further, we have also seen a significant increase in the number of professional athletes collapsing or dying in 2021. One Israeli report of FIFA players found a 5-fold increase in deaths from 4.2 per year to a record 21 in 2021.[25] Another website that has been tracking the deaths of professional athletes has collated 810 collapses and 579 deaths since the vaccination roll-out.[26] While these have not been fully investigated, there is a common link behind them: the COVID-19 vaccination.

Young adults in Singapore are also suffering from adverse effects; however, there are such stringent criteria in place that many are rejected by the VICAP in spite of the plausibility in view of the proximity of onset.[27] Far less plausible adverse reactions have resulted in declaring antibiotics or NSAIDs contraindicated in similar patients.

While these risks are still generally low, the long-term consequences are very heavy. Given the extremely low risk of mortality and severe illness of COVID-19, it is clear that the risks of vaccination do not outweigh the benefits.

D. Early Treatment of COVID-19 Has Been Successful

Early treatment of COVID-19 with multidrug and nutriceutical regimens has proven to be effective and safe.[28],[29],[30] Despite heavy media censorship and cancelling of early treatment advocates, it is clear from the data that there is a positive signal benefit.[31]

Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, in particular, have 339 and 82 studies demonstrating positive benefits in the early treatment of covid-19. They are both cheap and have an excellent safety profile.[32] Further, the costs of these medications are cheap and readily available, costing mere cents per tablet. They have also demonstrated better effects than the large industry-sponsored trials for Prednisolone and Remdesivir, the latter having not only shown to have a negative effect in a recent meta-analysis, but is also not recommended by the WHO for treatment of COVID-19.[33]

Further, the use of ivermectin has been successfully deployed in countries such as Uttar Pradesh,[34] Mexico,[35] Peru,[36] and Japan.[37]

However, it is not the scope of this article to delve into the efficacy of early treatments, but I wish to state that there are alternatives to the vaccine in managing COVID-19 in Singapore, which have been tried with excellent effect in other countries.

2. Moral Issues Regarding Vaccination

A. Primum non nocere

A timeless medical axiom is to “First, do no harm”. This is an axiom that is drilled into medical students from the first day of school and continues to be re-emphasised at all levels of medical training. It is a crucial teaching, given that doctors daily carry the lives of their patients in their hands when they prescribe treatment, whether it is pharmacological or surgical.

Given that this experimental vaccination stems from poorly designed trials, was rushed into the market, and is lacking in long term safety data, has significant side effects that can have devastating long-term consequences, and the low IFR of COVID-19 for the majority of the population, it appears that the treatment may cause more harm than good. As such, to prevent harming the general population, it would be beneficial to consider early treatment protocols in lieu of mass vaccination.

B. Autonomy to Choose Treatment

It is the autonomous right of an individual to choose treatment and to determine his involvement in scientific experiments. This has been a long-established principle in medical ethics, from Catholic Medical Ethics[38] to the secular principles established by Beauchamp and Childress. These have been adopted as well in the Nuremberg Code, which states that “voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential”.[39] The principle of consent is assumed in the Declaration of Helsinki and is of great importance in the Singapore Medical Council’s ethical code.[40]

Further, Cardinal Eijk elaborates,

“One can only speak of consent in the proper sense — of an act of will — when the consent is given in full freedom, that is to say, free from any coercion. Using the life conditions of the patient to apply pressure (e.g., poverty in the case of organ donation and the situation of imprisonment for participation in medical experiments) also represents a form of coercion.”[41] (emphasis mine)

The use of Vaccination Differentiation Safe Management Measures (VDS), which may be more readily summarised as Vaccination Discrimination Measures, seeks to coerce the unvaccinated individual into consenting to an experimental treatment with limited efficacy by greatly restricting the freedom of movement and economy of the individual. This was initially done by prohibiting them from access to recreation venues and has progressed to the point of denying them entry into the workplace and thus being unable to fulfil contractual obligations and the right to earn a living.

The justification given for this — the protection of unvaccinated from contracting an illness with a low infection fatality rate — is unscientific given the inefficacy of the vaccine as described above. Further, as concessions are granted to unvaccinated persons who have obtained a vaccination exemption, thus allowing them to freely move in public places and continue working, it is clear that there is extreme pressure from the government to push unvaccinated Singaporeans into consenting to the jab.

C. The Use of Abortion-Tainted COVID-19 Vaccinations is Morally Unacceptable

In Singapore, the COVID-19 vaccines available under the National Vaccination Programme through emergency use authorisation are the Pfizer-BioNTech (Pfizer) and Moderna mRNA vaccines, and the Sinovac inactivated Vero-cell derived virus vaccine. All three vaccines are abortion tainted. Pfizer and Sinovac have been tested with the cell line HEK-293,[42],[43] while Moderna was both synthesised from and tested with HEK-293.[44]

HEK-293 stands for Human Embryonic Kidney- 293; it was derived from the abortion of a healthy pre-born baby girl in 1972.[45] The tissue harvested from this child would have required a carefully coordinated and wilfully performed abortion.[46]

Abortion, the wilful and deliberate killing of innocent human life in the womb, is a grave moral evil.[47] This is an intrinsically evil act based on natural moral law.[48] Hence, abortion makes the use of the products of abortion morally illicit in scientific experimentation or medical treatment, as it violates the dignity of the murdered child.[49] The cells derived from the child are taken without the rightful consent of the child; the parents, having consented to the murder of their child, forfeit the right to consent to any respectful scientific use of the child’s body. Thus, the cell line has been stolen from the child — this is essentially human trafficking. [50],[51]

Bishop Athanasius Schneider, in discussing this issue has elaborated that it must be understood that receiving the abortion-tainted vaccine is a direct and personal action, where one directly receives the vaccine from the syringe. This is not the same as paying taxes to a government with the knowledge that a portion may be used to fund abortion against one’s will. The act of paying taxes is in itself not a concrete action, where one is directly confronted by the process of a specific abortion.[52]

Further, the separation of time, a “historical distance” of the heinous act to the use of the illicitly acquired material from the abortion, does not distance the user from the possession and use of something stolen. The perpetuated use of these cell lines constitutes a perpetuation of the crimes of murder, theft, and human trafficking against the child.[53],[54]

As a result, this renders the use of these abortion-tainted COVID-19 vaccines morally unacceptable.


Sars-CoV-2 is a novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. It has become widespread across the world with an overall IFR Of 0.00-1.63, causing mostly mild disease in young adults without comorbidities. The novelty of this virus and its quick spread throughout the world have led to lockdowns, mask mandates, and other draconian measures worldwide, which have changed the way we live life.

This has resulted in the accelerated development of vaccinations for COVID-19. However, in the haste to create these vaccines, great lapses in safety have occurred. These experimental therapies have been shown to have poor efficacy in preventing infection and transmission of COVID-19. To promote these experimental vaccinations, early treatment using repurposed drugs and nutraceuticals has been eschewed and ignored despite showing positive signal benefits in the trials throughout the world. Further, most of the vaccinations having been tested on or made from aborted foetal stem cells render them morally repugnant.

In spite of this, vaccination mandates are being initiated in many parts of the world, and enforced with vigour in Singapore. These mandates are immoral as they coerce individuals to take experimental and ineffective treatment and to participate in the global drug trial against their will. Further, they perpetuate a violation of the God-given order of creation through abortion and the trafficking of the remains of aborted children.

Vaccination with these experimental therapies should be a personal and individual choice. In light of these findings, I cannot in good conscience take this experimental vaccination, nor can I recommend them as a treatment for others and for my patients.



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  1. Leonie Robson 25 April 2022 at 9:58 am - Reply

    Thanks for publishing this story.
    The truth sets us free.

    • Thor Meng 26 April 2022 at 6:17 pm - Reply

      What truth does this article contain when it is mumble-jumble of disinformation and blatant lies?

      The writer does not make any discerning point about the scientific studies and has merely “cut and paste” studies here to suit a motive in writing.

      • Mary 20 May 2022 at 2:58 pm - Reply

        Agree – this article is a load of rubbish. Jesus didn’t tell us to lose our brain.

  2. Toh Yeng Yen 25 April 2022 at 12:46 pm - Reply

    Thank you for sharing the reasons behind your decision from a doctor’s perspective 🙂

    • Amanda 26 April 2022 at 5:43 pm - Reply

      Dr McCullough has emphasized that ivermectin should be used together with the other supplements to optimally fight covid. The studies out there which said “ivermectin dun perform well” is done with just ivermectin, without consideration of the importance of multi-drug therapy.

      • Thor Meng 26 April 2022 at 6:16 pm - Reply

        Ivermectin dose needed to treat covid is experimental and the dose required is too high which will cause toxicity. There are already cases in singapore and elsewhere in the world. Here is one of them:

        Noted in the article it was barely a total of 12mg ivermectin over 2 days only and resulted in a hospitalisation.

        I think we should stop fairytale stories that ivermectin is safe.

        • DY 27 April 2022 at 11:37 pm - Reply

          Ivermectin’s therapeutic safety index is actually extremely wide. You can read more about it in this expert report written by a professor of toxicology, Descotes, here:

          A case report, mentioned in the report, described a case of a 19 year-old girl who, in a suicide attempt, ingested 400 3mg tablets of ivermectin, for a total dose of 1200mg. She was hospitalised and given supportive care and discharged within 4 days.

          The above report is also referenced in the article.

          A search of the WHO adverse reaction database, vigiaccess, lists only 6288 ADRs, compared to 174 917 for paracetamol or a shocking 3,670,642 ADRs for the COVID-19 vaccines.

          That is really quite astonishing. Any doctor will tell you that anyone who shallows 400 tablets of paracetamol is not going to be walking out of the hospital after 4 days with only supportive care.

          What’s more, the patients symptoms don’t line up with typical ivermectin side effects, which are mild stomachaches and diarrhoea. Rather, they sound suspiciously like a viral illness. Further, nothing in that newspaper article, or subsequent ones actually mention what the poor woman was admitted for. Only that her daughter thinks it was “ivermectin poisoning”. The hospital in question never made a statement regarding the patient’s diagnosis, nor did the patient ever speak out after that.

          Furthermore, much higher doses of ivermectin than 12mg have been used for the treatment of covid-19, including up to 1mg/kg which has been used in ICU care for severe cases. You can read more here:

  3. D Wilson 25 April 2022 at 1:08 pm - Reply

    Could there be a connection with shingle and the corona vacciation

    • EUA 26 April 2022 at 12:32 pm - Reply

      Pfizer and other pharma firms insisted that their experimental vaccines never leave the injection site so they CANNOT cause potential problems in the critical organs. However, a deluge of heavy empirical data has shown the presence of vaccine-induced spike proteins and other chemicals in the spleen, liver and sexual organs. This explains a general weakening of the body, plus an immune system that is so primed to attack spike proteins that it has not much resources left to keep other pathogens (and old viruses still lurking in the body) at bay.

      Result? Latent viruses such as shingles, and new illnesses such as cancers and organ failure start to manifest. The more vaccine boosters introduced into an already immune-deficient body, the higher the risks of long-term disease and adverse side effects.

      • Thor Meng 26 April 2022 at 6:13 pm - Reply

        This is incorrect as there is no evidence of “consumption” of resources and permanent lost of immune ability from the mRNA vaccinations

        • Mary 20 May 2022 at 3:09 pm - Reply

          I agree Thor. Vaccinations save lives. Christian’s are being brain washed by”big” vitamin sellers. I take vitamins and vaccines. It’s not one or the other.

  4. Kelly 25 April 2022 at 4:12 pm - Reply

    Thank you for publishing this. Many of us put almost 100% trust on doctors for it is afterall their duty to save lives. But sadly many SG doctors would rather save their jobs and livelihood than to stand up for truth against this experiemental and ineffective vaccine. I salute you and pray that more doctors whoare guilt stricken seeing the increasing deaths and vaccine adverse efforts , to stand up .

    • Thor Meng 26 April 2022 at 6:12 pm - Reply

      The vaccine is not experimental any more.

      There is enough publication to prove its efficacy at this point in time.

    • S W 27 April 2022 at 4:55 pm - Reply

      Here is a whistle-blower account published in a highly established medical journal:

  5. Chee Yong 25 April 2022 at 8:02 pm - Reply

    that the doctor feels the need to write under a pseudonym is telling of the repression in the tiny dictatorial state.
    if freedom is the option to choose without reprisal, then Singapore is not free at all.

    • John 20 May 2022 at 3:10 pm - Reply

      It’s telling us he’s not actually a Dr.

      • Jean Seah 20 May 2022 at 3:45 pm - Reply

        As the managing editor of this publication and friend of the writer for 10 years, I can confirm he is a medical physician. (Personally, I have been vaccinated, but it is important to consider various perspectives and sources of information.)

        • James 20 May 2022 at 5:01 pm - Reply

          He might be a Dr, but the article is trying to “sell” not getting a vaccination based on some dubious claims. The ivermectin studies have been thoroughly looked and debunked by reputable scientists. The problem is that many people don’t read widely and certainly don’t read research reports. Christian’s in particular take “opinions” as gospel.

  6. A 25 April 2022 at 8:30 pm - Reply

    Thank you for your courage and your righteous conscience before the Almighty Creator. Please continue to speak the truth boldly as sg seemed to be under some kind of spell. People are destroying their innate immune system with these experimental mrna. Worst, they seemed to attribute whatever ailments they have to long covid… and simply cannot connect the dots.

    • Thor Meng 26 April 2022 at 6:12 pm - Reply

      There is no evidence of immune system being destroyed by mRNA vaccine

    • Jill 27 April 2022 at 4:01 pm - Reply

      Great article – thank you.

  7. DUNCAN ANG 26 April 2022 at 1:14 am - Reply

    Public trust in the government and ruling political party has dwindled with the jab efficacy

    • Thor Meng 26 April 2022 at 6:11 pm - Reply

      Contrary to what you think, public trust in the government in Singapore is pretty high.

      The jab efficacy has also shown it’s results in preventing many deaths compared to countries like China and Hong Kong in which vaccination numbers are low

      • DUNCAN ANG 29 October 2023 at 3:56 pm - Reply

        If you claim that the public trust in the government in Singapore is pretty high, you probably received fake information.

        The sg authorities also have the power to decide using POFMA, arbitrarily, whether or not publications or broadcasts are permitted in the city-state.

        If you still don’t understand the no-brainer info above, let us know what is singapore’s reporters without borders index?

  8. Thor Meng 26 April 2022 at 3:59 pm - Reply

    There have been at least a couple of doctors who have been sanctioned by the SMC (Singapore Medical Council) for spreading Covid-19 disinformation. Curbs on disinformation has got nothing to do with press freedom.

    Coincidentally, the various themes which commonly come up in such disinformation is here again.

    This is not a trustworthy article at all, as it may very well have been written by some of these sanctioned doctors, or may have been under their direction in one way of another.

    • JD 27 April 2022 at 11:46 am - Reply

      In my opinion, all your comments are a form of disinformation intended to promote the fake vaccines. So a curb on your comments would be perfectly fine and have nothing to do with press freedom or freedom of speech. Right?

  9. Truthseeker 27 April 2022 at 4:49 pm - Reply

    Find out what lawsuits are in progress in the USA right now against the pharma companies’ smoke-and-mirror techniques to fool people into believing their marketing “facts”:

  10. Greg 29 April 2022 at 7:52 am - Reply

    Please clarify, what is this Doctor a doctor of? Medicine? Science? Theology? Economics? Art?

    Please disclose the authors credentials.

    • Jean Seah 29 April 2022 at 5:58 pm - Reply

      He is a medical physician.

    • DUNCAN ANG 29 October 2023 at 3:57 pm - Reply

      He is a person with common sense, and is honest.

  11. DUNCAN ANG 29 October 2023 at 4:00 pm - Reply

    Public trust in the government and ruling political party is reflected on truly-voluntary take up rate of the experimental boosters both locally, and world-wide

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