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Cultural Elites Give Thanks that Pentecostal PM is Gone

25 May 2022


Some media commentators and other progressives seem to think that having a Pentecostal prime minister threatens their freedom to be irreligious. If so, how are they still atheists?

Scott Morrison and his faith have been the subject of national discussion for three years, and yet journalists still don’t know which church he attends.

Heck, after three years they still can’t even spell “Pentecostal”.

And then there’s the former Greens leader who insisted that Mr Morrison giving his final speech as Prime Minister in church was proof of a conspiracy to transform Australia into a theocracy.

Cultural elites never took Mr Morrison’s Christianity seriously. Instead, they caricatured his faith in order to demean him.

Not that Pentecostals cared that much. About a quarter of the two billion Christians in the world are Pentecostals. That happened without the ABC, and despite the Greens’ anti-Christian handwringing.

Anyway, most churchgoers understand that our elites much prefer a small, empty church, populated by elderly parishioners cheering the ordination of a transgendered priest who believes souls can be saved by banning coal.

That’s a church our left-leaning elites can say “amen” to.

But a church auditorium packed with young families professing love of Jesus and belief in the Bible as the word of God? Not so much.

Superficial Coverage

Journalists spent three years studying Mr Morrison’s brand of Christianity to conclude that Pentecostals were ‘Happy Clappers’ because they were, um, happy. And they liked to clap to music.

This was about as serious as the analysis got.

Oh, and they told us Pentecostalism was “American-style Christianity”.

But only because journalists seemed unfamiliar with South Korean-style Christianity. Or Nigerian-style Christianity. Or Indonesian-style Christianity.

That’s where the largest Pentecostal churches are. But you’d have to be a journalist with access to Google to know that.

“American-style Christianity” worked for journalists because it sounded sinister, like something Donald Trump himself had created.

Some particularly switched-on journalists reckoned Pentecostals planned to influence the world.

Well hold the front page!

Seriously, would you give five cents for a religion that didn’t want to influence the world?

Journalistic Failure

With such attention to detail, it was hardly surprising that when Mr Morrison gave his final speech as Prime Minister at Horizon Church on Sunday morning, the ABC reported that he was speaking at Hillsong Church.

Horizon pentecostal church

Horizon and Hillsong are, of course, completely different churches, located 46km from each other.

What does it matter?

Mr Morrison’s detractors have long accused him of being a Hillsong member. In doing so, the enemies of Mr Morrison have sought to tar him with the scandals of Hillsong Church, and the enemies of Hillsong Church have sought to tar it with the unpopular policies of Mr Morrison.

It’s a wonderful arrangement for the haters who get to crucify Hillsong and Morrison with one nail.

So within minutes of the incorrect ABC report going to air, Hillsong started to trend on social media with haters of the PM and haters of the church queueing up to show their commitment to diversity and inclusion.

This tweet was typical…

‘Scummo went back to the cult (Hillsong) today to cry about being a LOSER.’

Except that Hillsong is a mainstream church, and Mr Morrison wasn’t there.

This tweet was popular…

‘I’m now confused. The same bloke who said he hadn’t even been to Hillsong in years just appeared on the ABC giving thanks at Hillsong Sydney. The very day after losing the election!’

Someone needs to tell the confused viewer (and the hundreds who “liked” and shared his tweet) that he was only confused because he had been watching the ABC.

Meanwhile, The Australian newspaper reported:

‘An emotional Scott Morrison has addressed the congregation at his pentacostal church in Sydney following his defeat.’

Imagine if he had addressed a Cathalic Church. Or a Baptast Church. Or a Unitang Church. Or an Anglacan Church.

You get the idea.

Does it matter? Only if you care. And the media appear not to.

Warped UnderstandingChristine Milne

Former Greens leader Christine Milne cared, though too much.

In response to the PM’s last speech she reflex-tweeted:

‘Australia is a secular society and our Parliamentary system is based on separation of church and state. We are not a theocracy, and in spite of your best efforts Scott Morrison and your mentors like Brian Houston, never will be.’

Someone needs to let Ms Milne know that her Christophobia is showing.

It’s amazing that the former leader of a federal political party could be so ignorant about concepts she names and claims to understand.

Australia is not a secular society. It’s a multicultural society, with a secular government. The government is secular to prevent the church ruling the State and, just as importantly, to prevent the State ruling the church.

Can you imagine Ms Milne’s surprise when she learns that the separation of church and state does not preclude an elected leader from going to church and giving a speech?

And it was just a speech. Mr Morrison wasn’t giving the church executive power!

As for Mr Morrison’s supposed efforts to turn Australia into a theocracy, Ms Milne wouldn’t know a theocracy if the Ayatollah Khamenei hit her over the head with a Koran.

Mr Morrison used his final speech to read a couple of Bible verses that talked about the faithfulness of God to people during tough times.

He ended by saying (and I must insert a trigger warning here for Leftists who imagine that the mere mention of God means a theocracy is being imposed upon them):

May God bless Australia, may God bless our community.’

With those entirely non-controversial words, our first Pentecostal Prime Minister was done.

Meanwhile, the Pentecostal church will continue growing, just as it was before one of its own was elected PM.

The media will find a lesbian priest preaching to empty pews that Jesus never really existed, and report it approvingly.

And our cultural elites will give thanks to no one that despite three years of the Morrison government, they are free to continue believing in nothing.


Originally published at The James Macpherson Report.
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Photo: The West Australian.


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  1. Cheryl cole 25 May 2022 at 10:05 am - Reply

    We won’t surrender our families and friends to Satan who walks among us and when we are shocked at the evil we have come to accept as normal such as the shooting of fourteen babies in the US today for no reason then humanity must accept our atheism supports Satan in all forms and places and what better place for Satan to establish himself than in our governments. Suffer the little children.

  2. Tai 25 May 2022 at 11:39 am - Reply

    Thankyou for the Insight … I truely laughed, even as the Lord laughs at the wicked,
    for he knows their day is coming. God laughs at the proud man or woman who thinks so highly of themselves that they will fight against God and seek to prevent His will. Simply said, “ The LORD shall hold them in derision.” It is not Gods desire that any should perish, but He has already made the way for people to Repent through Jesus Sacrifice on the Cross … These people have no idea what is really going on … They think they do, but they don’t … and they choose not to accept that Theocracy is coming …

  3. David 27 May 2022 at 9:19 am - Reply

    The Seven Mountains doctrine of the Pentecostal sects is a direct threat to the seperation of church and state.

    • Kim Saunders 28 May 2022 at 8:58 am - Reply

      We are a secular nation and a multicultural, multi faith nation, the church should indeed be separate from state.

  4. Andrew McFarland 27 May 2022 at 9:27 am - Reply

    What an angry unhinged rant. As members of his own party claimed, Morrison is a fake Christian who uses his “faith” to try and gain political advantage. His views on lifters and leaners should offend any christian worth their salt.

  5. Jane 27 May 2022 at 9:55 am - Reply

    Pentecostalism is not Christianity … I have never heard them quote from the New Testament – you know the one that actually speaks and talks of the life of Jesus (that would be Christ which the word Christianity comes from) and the teachings of Jesus … it’s all Old Testament stuff … which the New Teatamwnt and Jesus was showing a new way … as I say again Pentacostalism is not Christianity

  6. Andrew McFarland 27 May 2022 at 10:45 am - Reply

    Only two comments? That’s because you are a coward and delete all the disagreeing ones. A TRUE COWARD.

  7. Lucy 27 May 2022 at 12:08 pm - Reply

    Freaking Frauds!!! Money and power is all you hypocrites care about!!!

  8. Barry 27 May 2022 at 12:23 pm - Reply

    Do you seriously think that stacking the LNP with PENTECOSTAL Ministers was ok? Well I tell you this – it is not okay – and it is dangerous. It is a cult as simple as that. How dare corrupt politicians impose their religious beliefs on me or my country. This article is just another example of how pathetic journalism has become in Australia.

  9. Adrian Jackson 27 May 2022 at 12:42 pm - Reply

    “Cultural elites never took his religion seriously”. Why should others take it seriously when Morrison never did?
    Would a genuine Christian blatantly lie to the nation on a daily basis? Actively pursue a redistribution of wealth from the poor to the wealthy? Treat social welfare recipients with such contempt? Demonise asylum-seekers for political gain?
    It is hard to imagine Jesus Christ approving many of Morrison’s actions and inaction as PM.

  10. Geoff 27 May 2022 at 12:55 pm - Reply

    The Pentecostal Movement is not a church it’s a business model. Ask yourself about the super rich pastors. The tithing for individual profit. The intolerance and bigotry. It’s a glorified ponzie scheme. Profits for prophet selling succor to suckers. Morrison a man of the church, a lying, self serving, intolerant gaslighter. He ran a corrupt government. You poor saps are either equally evil or just poor saps.

  11. Ellen Smith 27 May 2022 at 1:18 pm - Reply

    Easy to see why people would be confused, given that Brian Houston, who allegedly covered up his father’s paedophilia, was his close friend and mentor. But please tell me where were his” Christian values” with his treatment of the Murugappan family, or his covering up of sexual assaults, or just his behaviour in general?

  12. David 27 May 2022 at 2:29 pm - Reply

    Thank god I’m an atheist. There’s no denying that Scummo and his fellow Libs stacked the government and senior public service with far more conservative christians and pentecostals or “charismatics” in particular, than could possibly be representative of the population. And was very generous to churches and church schools at the expense of public schools – not to mention “school chaplain” programs.
    Seriously, I for one would give more than five cents for a religion that didn’t want to influence the world, let alone prosecute a Seven Mountains agenda. If christians want to pray and speak in tongues to an invisible wizard in the sky, I’m perfectly happy for them to do so, in their own time and space. Not on the public dime, not seeking to indoctrinate other (especially innocent children) and not seeking to influence public policy to discriminate against fellow humans “because the bible tells me so”.
    In any case Scott Morrison would have to be the very worst possible character reference for christians – a cruelty-loving, narcissistic, lying, corrupt, moral monster. Much like christian leaders throughout the ages, come to think of it.
    Good luck defending him – carry on as you were.

  13. David 27 May 2022 at 4:42 pm - Reply

    In March last year, the SMH published an article titled ‘It’s our turn’: Inside the Christian Right conference plotting a political takeover

    The article covered the “Church and State” conference held in Brisbane the previous weekend and how conservative Christian activists are attempting to grow their numbers and influence within the Coalition, and their belief that opposition to transgender rights would be key to their political success.

    Speakers included George Pell, the Australian Christian Lobby’s Martyn Iles, Nationals Senator Matt Canavan and Liberal National MP George Christensen. In the past, the summit has featured Murdoch scribbler Miranda Divine and Liberal Senator Amanda Stoker.

    The ACL director spoke at length about what he called “the transgender thing”, describing it as the weakest part of the LGBTQI rights movement because it was “where the lie is most fragile”. He said governments had “given up [their] God-given duty” to “punish those who do evil and reward those who do good”, and implied that behaviour viewed by the church as sinful should be outlawed. He also claimed that within a few years there will be enough of a Christian presence in parliament to send a “shockwave” through it.

    Kaye Lee, May 27 2022

  14. Stephen Rippon 27 May 2022 at 9:42 pm - Reply

    The exPM never displayed any of the true Christian virtues.
    No compassion for those fleeing persecution. Setting the full weight of government on the unfortunate ones who MAY have been paid a modicum over their welfare $. Failed to reign in the excesses of big business buying up government services to run at a profit while reducing service quality.
    Wasted billions of $ on non functioning weaponry, but not a quid for infrastructure unless a car park where no rail stations existed.
    I can’t go on, it’s too awful.
    Fake Christian is a good description.
    Pentecostal churches can continue their good works, like feeding the hungry and homeless as the author surely does.
    If not, why not?

  15. Fiona Home 28 May 2022 at 7:24 am - Reply

    What a nasty article. Suggesting other churches and Christians of a different domination support “ the ordination of a transgendered priest who believes souls can be saved by banning coal” demeans your argument and suggests it is you, who in fact believe yourself superior to others while ridiculing journalists for a misspelling or typo (whatever the case may be) is just petty. On the other hand, there can be no denying that Scott Morrison continually lied (even if he was so firm in his own self belief that he couldn’t recognise his own lies) and that he repeated failed to demonstrate the Christian values as espoused by Jesus.

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