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Retired US Pastor Falsely Linked to Sexual Abuser List in Horrific Media Blunder

1 June 2022

1.7 MINS

In a horrible mix-up, a US Southern Baptist pastor has had his picture linked with a list of Southern Baptist Convention sexual abusers by the local media station. The channel has since admitted its error and attempted to correct its mistake, but an SBC leader has highlighted the importance of holding both Church members and “the secular media” accountable.

Long-time serving pastor Charles Brown explains how in 3-minutes “80 years of my life and ministry went down the tubes” as a local National Broadcasting Corporation-affiliated station inaccurately linked his picture to a list of sex abusers.

“I don’t know how many people have heard [the incorrect news report], but at Government Street we have a private school and a very large day care program. My big hurt is … the effect it has on the church, me, the congregation, just the insinuation of it … and how parents of the children would be concerned.”

Thomas Wright, executive director of missions for Mobile Baptist Association, reflected:

“This false accusation is the worst-case scenario for publishing the list. Sexual predators must be held accountable and stopped from serial activity in one or more churches. Church members and the secular media must also be accountable to present accurate information.”

“Each believer also can build a bridge for the Gospel by acknowledging sinful Christians point people to a sinless Jesus. The biblical Jesus is absolutely trustworthy. He will not disappoint and His life models how to be consistent in holiness. A holiness that transforms thought and behavior.”

The Attempt to Correct the Report

NBC Channel 15 issued a correction to the report; however, Wright had concerns that “many may not see it”.

According to The Alabama Baptist, ministry leaders from across the state have “jumped into action to help spread the word of the mistake and affirm” Charles Brown’s credibility.

Rick Lance, executive director of the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions, said:

“I’ve known Charles Brown for more than three decades. He is a dear friend of mine and a faithful colleague in ministry. Charles serves as a trustee on our State Board of Missions and executive committee. I believe in him as a Christian leader without equivocation.”

As Wright wrote in an email to supporters:

“Dr. Charles Brown… is innocent. Satan is alive and well and continues to try and destroy God’s men and women.”

Please Pray for Charles Brown and for Sexual Abuse Victims

Please pray for Dr Charles Brown as he continues the attempt to clear his name and ensure that the effects of his witness and ministry are not undone.

Please also be in prayer for those who have been the victims of sexual abuse and other forms of immorality within churches and other institutions around the world.


Photo by Ketut Subiyanto.


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