Shrine of Remembrance

Dishonouring Our Dead at the Shrine of Remembrance

28 July 2022

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Now they want to sexualise and politicise our dead war heroes!

When 18-year-old boys signed up to fight in overseas wars — be it World War I, World War II or other conflicts — they did NOT think: ‘I am doing this so that one day we can publicly celebrate and promote two men having carnal relations with one another’. They would have had many reasons for joining and being willing to risk their lives, but to defend some radical minority group’s sexual agenda item was not one of them.

As such, plans to turn our most sacred and venerated site for the war dead into a pro-homosexual billboard is the height of disrespect and dishonour for those who served and died. Yet this is just what the politically correct clowns who care nothing about their sacrifices are pushing. Consider what one recent news report says about this:

A plan to light up the Shrine of Remembrance in rainbow colours for the first time to honour LGBTQI+ servicemen and women has been denounced as divisive and inappropriate. Rainbow colours will be projected on to the Shrine colonnades at dusk this Sunday following a Last Post service in commemoration of the contribution of gay and queer military members.

The event will mark the opening of the Shrine’s Defending with Pride exhibit, which will run for a year from August 1, charting the history of LGBTQI+ people’s military service. The rainbow flag was “divisive” and was a misuse of the sacred Shrine building, 3AW host Neil Mitchell said. “No disrespect to the gay community but the rainbow flag can be divisive,” Mitchell said.

“It’s not the role of the Shrine to be leading that debate, the Shrine should be above politics and political debate.” Mitchell railed against Sunday’s planned light display, saying the Shrine would be “lit up like a gay billboard”. Veterans’ advocate and former Hawthorn RSL president Lucas Moon said it was important to recognise the contribution of LGBTQI+ servicepeople but the Shrine was not the appropriate building to be lit up in rainbow colours.

“We saw the Shrine mistreated when we were locked up during Covid — for the first time, we saw it used as a protest site during the anti-lockdown protests,” Mr Moon said. “It appears now that the Shrine, which stands well above any person or cause, is being used for political purposes. “I don’t think the veteran community has been consulted at all, let alone the LGBTI parts of the veteran community.”

LGBT Above All

Hot on the heels of the Manly rugby team debacle in alienating numerous players for not consulting them about having a homosexual pride round and being forced to wear divisive rainbow jerseys for a game on Thursday night, this is just another example of the homosexual juggernaut rushing ahead, crushing everything in its path.

See my earlier piece on the push by the Rugby League to be inclusive — by way of excluding everyone who dares to have a different point of view.

Nothing is sacred. Everything and everyone MUST be forced to embrace, promote and cheer on all things homosexual — or else. There is no neutral territory here. The homosexual behemoth is crushing all in its wake as it demands total submission and complete endorsement and compliance.

My friend Ed reminds us of what is happening here in the leftist stronghold of Victoria: “The Andrews government had peaceful protesters shot with rubber bullets for ‘desecrating’ the memory of the soldiers that the shrine represents. Protesting for freedom was not OK. Now the Andrews government is actually going to desecrate the Shrine by bathing it in colours to promote LGBT sexual behaviours.

Yep. And as the noted Victorian politician Bernie Finn put it: “Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance is a sacred place. It is no place for a tawdry stunt. Bruce Ruxton must be turning in his grave!” Exactly right. This madness will infuriate millions of ordinary Victorians who have lost loved ones who bravely served in overseas combat.

As one such gal just told me on social media: “My Dad, and many more of our diggers, would turn over in their graves! This is disgusting!It most certainly is. The radical sexual militants will not stop until every institution, every custom, every social group, and every aspect of culture is fully and finally homosexualised.

There will be no room for any dissension or rebellion. Everyone WILL be made to bow and worship at the homosexual shrine. Those who will not, will be vilified, persecuted, and run out of town. There is only ONE sort of inclusion allowed here: and that is full-tilt worship of the god of the sexual revolutionaries.

If this appalling move goes ahead, the Shrine of Remembrance will forever be remembered as a Shrine of Political Correctness, of Woke-ism run amok, and of the surrender of our freedoms to a bunch of sexual radicals. It will mean we no longer value free and democratic societies.

Cowering under the jackboot of the sexual militants may be the path that some will take, but it is not my way. And it sure was not the way of all the diggers who fought and died to keep us free from all forms of tyranny. The tyranny of our homosexual overlords is just as destructive and debilitating as that of any other coercive reign of terror.


Originally published at CultureWatch.


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  1. Christine Crawford 28 July 2022 at 11:35 am - Reply

    First the Government lock the people out of the Shrine, then they arrested people who stood around the shrine in protest of lock ups now they’re opening the shrine to a minority of people without consulting “we the people” of their activities! My family is littered we men who fought for Australia and some who died. My mother in law was in the Land army. What contribution would the alphabet people do in keeping our people safe from an oppressive people? Good thing it’s not Ukraine where ALL men have been conscripted to fight for their country! › 2022 › 03 › 22 › lawful-transphobia-stopping-ukraine-s-trans-community-from-fleeing

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