Juukan hoax

Juukan Hoax – Insidious Plot to Break up Our Country Into “First Nations”

9 August 2022

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The furore over Rio Tinto’s mining activities affecting a purported Aboriginal heritage site in the Juukan Gorge is simply manufactured outrage. Activists are sowing division, even attempting to affect foreign policy.

A hyped-up media storm, a fabricated outrage. A decades-long plan to steal the resources of Australia.

This is nation raiding — it is the same methodology used in corporate raiding: weaken, discredit and destroy the company and sell off the assets.

Negotiations with Rio Tinto started in 2003 in the Pilbara. There are thousands of sites like it in the Pilbara. There was no indigenous cultural significance.

The native title group gave consent to mine the entire region. A list of 16 areas of high cultural heritage significance was identified, with the Juukan sites not even mentioned.

Suspiciously, the archaeological reports and the mining contract have been concealed from public view.

The artifacts were fossilised dung, carefully collected and stored.


In 2021, the United Nations accused the government of maintaining structural racism that allowed the destruction of the Juukan site.

The Western Australian Government cemented the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People into law under the guise of preventing another Juukan dung catastrophe. It’s a dung-aster.

Ben Wyatt, cousin to Ken Wyatt, the WA Treasurer and Aboriginal Affairs Minister who allowed the Juukan hoax, gets awarded for his performance with a prestigious Rio Tinto global board position. He deserves a piece of s*it, they all do.


The UN Indigenous Peoples’ Declaration gives first nations their own external relations, meaning they are separate nations.

This was the plan outlined by Ian Anderson, the head of Ken Wyatt’s department in Scott Morrison’s government, that first nations can form “transnational governance arrangements with China in the emerging world order”.

Ian Anderson is a close associate of Marcia Langton. Langton was a member of the National Committee of the Communist League that campaigned for the violent overthrow of the Australian government and the implementation of a totalitarian state. Langton has been described as one of the best-known black communist activists in Australia, leading to an undercover investigation.

For decades, Rio Tinto consultancy contracts have funded Marcia Langton’s university office. She is described as Rio Tinto’s Indigenous global expert in Rio reports. They funded her business-class London trips in 1999 to meet the Queen, the major Rio Tinto Shareholder, again after making false claims about Rio Tinto in the Australian Senate.

Marcia was a paid performer in a UN circus troupe at the Australian Senate. Langton claimed her beneficiary Rio Tinto is racist, at the Juukan Senate inquiry.

In 2013, Marcia Langton was exposed for speaking at the ABC Boyer Lectures without disclosing Woodside ($30,000), Santos ($45,000) and Rio Tinto (unknown amount) paid for this performance which glorified them.

The Juukan Senate inquiry saw political deceivers, fake advocates for the Aboriginal cause, usurping the voices of the true elders living in aboriginal communities, and extreme green activists calling for the end of mining in Australia. This July, two Australian activists stood before the United Nations accusing Australia of being racist over the Juukan dung hoax — in the name of fossil fuels. This stinks!


Traitor politicians through UN treaties and international law structures have made it almost impossible to manufacture in Australia, leaving us dependent on the income from resource extraction. If they kill mining in this country, we will not be able to pay our interest bill racked up over Covid, which is said to be about a billion a year; we can’t afford Medicare, pensions, NDIS, green scams, massive donations to Ukraine, the defence of this country, subsidised lifesaving medications, nursing homes and all services to the public.

They create the problem for their pre-planned solution, destroying Australia for their Build Back Better Great Reset, bringing in the Liberal World Order.

This plot concerns politicians on both sides who do not have the Australian people’s best interests at heart.

What is most disturbing is those perpetrating this hoax have sold us all out for their own enrichment. Though history tells us they are amateurs and the first ones to be disposed of by the real totalitarians.

The Juukan hoax is the entree to the slow strangulation and surrender of Australia.

But we the people are onto the plot and outing it.



Originally published at JosephineCashman.com.au.


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