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Media Shocked Catholic School Won’t Show Student’s Lesbian Film

29 August 2022

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The Age is in a tizzy over a Catholic school actually being Catholic. Must be a slow news day.

There’s an old definition of news that goes like this: If a dog bites a man, that’s not news. But if a man bites a dog, that’s news!

I was reminded of this when, flicking through The Age newspaper on Friday, I saw an article headlined ‘Catholic school refuses to show student’s same-sex movie’.

Dog bites man, I thought.

That a Catholic school refuses to promote things that undermine its Catholic values is hardly surprising. The Age might as well have reported that Lefties like cancelling people, or that Joe Biden is a walking house plant.

Dog bites man.

But the media is now so appalled by Christian values and so ignorant about Christianity that it is news to them when a Catholic school stands by its doctrine.

Big Fuss

The Age reported that a parent was upset his daughter’s film project, which features a lesbian kiss, would not be posted on her Catholic school’s website or showcased at her school’s visual arts exhibition.

Mount Lilydale Mercy College principal Philip Morison told The Age that ‘some scenes are not in keeping with our values as a Catholic school’.

If you’re unclear, that would be the girl-on-girl action.

The budding LBGTQ filmmaker had been told she was welcome to submit her project as part of her VCE assessment, nevertheless ‘a queer film’ would not be promoted by the school at their exhibition.

The student complained to The Age:

‘I thought they would be okay with it. I thought we had gotten past that, but obviously not.’

One can only imagine the Year 12 student’s surprise to learn that the 2000-year-old Catholic church had not gotten past its Catholicism.

The ‘distraught’ student continued:

‘I believe it’s an act of discrimination. All I want them to do is change their minds, so I can be included with my classmates.’

Of course it’s an act of discrimination. Discriminating between Catholic values and non-Catholic values is what keeps Catholics Catholic, just as discriminating between conservative values and woke progressive values is what keeps the Liberal Party… er, maybe that’s not such a great example.

But I digress.

All the Year 12 student wants is for her school to change their minds about the teachings of Jesus, and Saint Paul, and Moses. All the school wanted her to do was to save the lesbian kissing for afterschool hours.

Jesus had better change his tune.

As for being included with her classmates, she is. She is enrolled in the school, she is included in classes and her project was included in the VCE assessment. She, however, excluded herself from the Catholic film exhibition when, despite warnings, she went ahead and made an LBGTQ film.

Illogical Outrage

Animal Justice Party MP Andy Meddick has taken the girl’s case to State Parliament where he accused the school of failing to reflect ‘community values’.

He told The Age:

‘I personally believe that if you’re a school, regardless of your religious beliefs, if you’re receiving public funding, then you have a responsibility to reflect the values of the community, not of your particular faith.’

Well Mr Meddick, two can play that game.

I personally believe that if you’re an Animal Justice Party MP, regardless of your political beliefs, if you’re receiving public funding, then you have a responsibility to reflect the values of the community, not of your particular Party.

Incidentally, 20 per cent of Victorians are Catholic, while just 2.71 per cent of Victorians voted for the Animal Justice Party when Mr Meddick was elected to the Upper House in 2018.

Tell me again who is more reflective of ‘community values’?

None of these things seem to have occurred to The Age, who had already moved on to Macquarie School of Education Professor Tiffany Jones. Professor Jones cast doubt on whether Catholic beliefs are really Catholic beliefs since some Catholics seem not to practise them.

She said:

‘The teaching of the church is arguable … because you will get Catholics who support LGBTIQ+ people, you will get Catholics who are LGBTIQ+ people.’

I think what Ms Jones meant to say was that while Catholic teaching on marriage and sexuality has been crystal clear for 2000 years, the commitment of some Catholics is arguable.

Imagine if Catholics changed their doctrine whenever they came across Catholics who did the opposite of Catholic doctrine, so as to ensure Catholic doctrine was fully inclusive of those people who disagreed with Catholic doctrine.

In what way would that still be Catholic doctrine?

But LBGTQ activists have no time for such logic. They are not committed to fairness or choice. Gay rights activist Rodney Croome, condemning the Mount Lilydale Mercy College for not allowing the student to show her gay film, said:

“This kind of discrimination is illegal in Tasmania and now Victorian law. It should also be illegal in federal law. Before the election the new Government promised to act. The time is now.”

It should not be lost on anyone that while the Left loves to accuse Christians of wanting to impose themselves on the public, it is the Left who literally makes laws by which they will be able to impose themselves upon Christians.

The Left preaches tolerance for all beliefs whilst being completely intolerant of Christian beliefs.

And the Left demanded inclusivity while seeking to exclude Christian schools from government funding; this despite the fact that Christian parents pay taxes and the State system would collapse if Christian schools suddenly closed for lack of funding.

LGBTQ activists are not upset that a girl didn’t get to show her film, so much as they are upset that the Christian church still exists.


Photo by Pixabay.


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  1. Yvonne Walker 29 August 2022 at 11:44 am - Reply

    Thank God there are still Catholics willing to be strong and courageous for the truth of their beliefs.

  2. Kaylene Emery 29 August 2022 at 4:29 pm - Reply

    In my experience, incidences like the one you describe here are easily staged, in order to further the cause. Especially now as such anti Christian laws are being pushed through as the left seek to continue to intimidate cancel and bully their way into, getting their way.

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