Watch the Kendrick Brothers’ Latest Film: A POWERFUL Story Promoting LIFE

Look out for this fabulous new pro-life film, LIFEMARK, coming to Australian theatres this week. Brought to you by the Kendrick Brothers and based on a true story, LIFEMARK illustrates the beautiful life-giving act of adoption.

Imagine a film from the creators of War Room and Fireproof. Now, envisage that this same film features the great Kirk Cameron alongside Alex Kendrick (from Overcomer, Courageous and Facing the Giants) and an up-and-coming cast including Raphael Ruggero, Justin Sterner and Marisa Hampton.

To top it all off, imagine that the film was based on a true story that celebrates adoption and the beautiful gift of LIFE.

High quality. Fantastic cast. Heartwarming story. Sound too good to be true?

Maybe it’s not.

The Kendrick Brothers’ latest film LIFEMARK tells the inspiring story of 18-year-old David, whose comfortable life is turned upside down when he finds out that his birth mother wants to meet up with him. It recounts David’s journey as he begins to discover the truth about his past.

The film has been endorsed by Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family, Dr Gary Champan, author of The 5 Love Languages®, Kathy Branzell, President of the American National Day of Prayer, and many others.

Here’s the official film trailer:

The Canberra Declaration team believes deeply in the message and heart of LIFEMARK, and we’re super excited that it’s coming to Australian theatres in just a few days!

LIFEMARK will be screening in theatres in all states and territories across Australia from Thursday, 13th October, and we encourage you to find a theatre near you and show your support for such an amazing message of LIFE.

The critical reception for LIFEMARK has been overwhelmingly positive so far. MovieGuide had the following to say:

LIFEMARK is a well-made, heartwarming, inspiring movie produced by the Kendrick Brothers and Kirk Cameron, who also stars. The movie is solid throughout, with a positive Christian worldview.

At the time of writing, Rotten Tomatoes has a 100% rating on its Tomatometer, with 97% positive audience reviews.

The film is also Dove-approved:

Along with its pro-life theme, the film points to God as the Life-Giver and the Source of happiness. It is God-honoring and David’s family are devout, church-going Christians …

Based on a true story, LIFEMARK is a story that will bring families together and share pro-life, pro-family values in a non-threatening or condemning way. It shows how beautiful and blessed it is when a person makes the choice for life and living for God.

As Kirk Cameron says, the film “is pro-family; it’s pro-love; it’s pro-forgiveness; it’s pro-reconciliation and new beginnings…” You can watch the featurette below that explains the true Biblical heart behind the film’s creation.

Please do all you can to promote this amazing pro-life movie on your own social media platforms and tell all your friends about it! Use the posts on the Lifemark movie Facebook page.

We encourage you to find out more at the website and look out for the release of LIFEMARK in Australian theatres THIS Thursday, 13th October.

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  1. Kaylene Emery 11 October 2022 at 7:06 am - Reply

    Finally a reason to return to the movies.

  2. Stef Mainey 11 October 2022 at 10:15 am - Reply

    I’m crying just watching the promos! Lord, may this movie touch so many hearts and lives and bring reconciliation and healing to broken families. May people begin to see that there are life-giving alternatives for babies in the womb!

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