Woke Mind Virus

Musk Explains the Woke Mind Virus, says ‘We Must Protect Free Speech’

5 May 2023

2.3 MINS

Elon Musk has further distanced himself from the Far-Left, telling “Real Time with Bill Maher”, freedom of speech must be protected.

During the 20-minute interview Musk discussed his love of comedy, his non-stop working day, and his foray into the world of political activism.

Maher asked if Musk thought talking about Woke ideology in terms of a “woke apocalypse” was too extreme?

Musk answered, no.

“We need to be very cautious about anything that is anti-meritocratic, and anything that results in the suppression of free speech.”

“Those are two aspects of the Woke mind virus that I think are very dangerous.”

Wokeism is often

“anti-merit. You can’t question things. Even just questioning things is bad.”

Look at “anonymity and cancel culture.”

After Maher, a diehard left-wing personality, explained that he thought Wokeness was the antithesis of (American) liberalism, the complex billionaire responded,

“Yes. Free speech is extremely important.”

“It’s bizarre that we’ve come to this point, where free speech used to be a left (liberal) value. Yet, we see from the left a desire to censor. That seems crazy.”

He then added,

“I think we should be extremely concerned about anything that undermines [free speech].”


There’s a reason the 1st Amendment exists, Musk replied.

“People came [to the United States] from countries where they could not speak freely, and where saying certain things would get you thrown into prison.”

Prompted by Maher to voice his political leanings, Musk said his environmentalism keeps him out of the far-right-wing box, telling the host he considers himself a “moderate.”

Many a member of Biden’s Democrats, ANTIFA, BLM Inc, or the LGBT+ would disagree.

To them, Elon Musk is on par with Donald Trump. A threat.

He’s refused to volunteer his wealth, and influence in support of the Woke Left’s culture war.

Plus, he’s undermined the Woke advance by coining – it not taking into the mainstream – terms like ‘Woke Stasi’, and ‘the Woke mind virus.’


Musk isn’t mincing words.

With his purchase of Twitter came revelations, that social media giants were not just radical left-wing echo chambers.

Technocrats in Silicon Valley were also the overseers of a hive mind built on Critical Theory’s roadmap to revolution: lies, coercion, compliance, covert government co-operation, and censorship.

With its roots in the Frankfurt school’s Cultural Marxist ‘march through the institutions’, Critical Theory is the Woke ‘mind virus’ progenitor.

Musk has long been its adversary.

Critical Theory’s obsession with revisionism, demythologising, and deconstruction – e.g.: “everything is racist” – is at the heart of Musk’s reasons for distrusting the rapid advance in Artificial Intelligence.

“Wokism is a lie”, he has repeatedly warned, adding, “the danger of training AI to be woke – in other words, lie – is deadly”.

Musk has gone so far as describing the “woke mind virus as anti-human.”


Unpacking his point in May 2022, Musk warned that Wokeism was a ‘mortal’ threat to civilisation, because it is inherently destructive.

Hinting at the importance of preserving healthy tradition, Musk stated, “unless it is stopped, the woke mind virus will destroy civilization.”

November that same year, Musk added,

“… The woke mind virus has thoroughly penetrated entertainment and is pushing civilization towards suicide. There needs to be a counter-narrative.”


As Michael Walsh stated in his book The Devil’s Pleasure Palace,

“Critical theory [aka Cultural Marxism] is the very essence of Satanism; creation is a bore. Annihilation is a joy.”



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  1. Warwick Marsh 5 May 2023 at 3:58 pm - Reply

    Fantastic article. Bill Maher is on fire!!!!!!!

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